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May 2019

Spring Time Excitment

The month of May brings an exciting time as our native lands start to slowly warm up springing into action. Countless interesting flavours and textures which have all been dormant over the cold and so very damp winter months start to reemerge sparking inspiration across many kitchens.

Mother Nature may have been slow to arrive this year and that little touch of warmth over the Easter period lulled us into a false sense of excitement as soon to follow came plummeting temperatures and endless liquid sunshine!!!

One thing we can be sure of now though is that we are well and truly into the UK growing season as we have already seen local asparagus, jersey royal potatoes, outdoor rhubarb not to forget about all that remarkable scent from the wild garlic that you can smell from every wooded area close by.

Below you will find some ideas as to what the month of May will bring us so dont hold back the time has come to embrace the month of May and look forward to what june may offer.

Read Below To Find Out Whats Amazing This Month

A Fruity Glimpse

With the first sign of UK fruit appearing in May brings smiles to many as the arrival of locally grown Strawberry & Gooseberry offers that taste of the summer months that lay ahead.

Other soft fruit such as blueberry, raspberry & blackberry are still imported but will be very soon from our local growers so watch this space

Why not check out below what's amazing this coming month.

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    Fresh Cherry - Spain
  • Shutterstock 245236603
    New Season Strawberry - UK
  • Shutterstock 1074897611
    Gooseberry - Mid May - UK
  • Shutterstock 197449436
    Peach - Spain
  • Shutterstock 1189952581
    Nectarine - Spain
  • Shutterstock 5337684461
    Apricot - Spain
  • Shutterstock 1117050245
    Alphonso Mango
  • Lemons
    Amalfi Lemon - Amalfi Italy
  • Shutterstock 1155191086
    Blackberry - Holland
  • Shutterstock 689485159
    Blueberry - Holland
  • Shutterstock 287580908
    Pineberry - Holland
  • Shutterstock 1073338178

Dont Get Caught

May is often a troublesome time for soft fruit as we all get excited about the sudden arrival of flavour but its easy to be led into a troublesome time as we wait patiently for the heat to gather momentum with local UK fruit options.

Imported fruit continues with great quality and availability apart from a few key areas of concern.

See below as to what to be Alerted to for the month of May.
Shutterstock 629663540
  • Shutterstock 5837451641

    Watermelons are now being sourced from Almeria and volumes are tight which in turn is pushing prices up. it won't be until we see the arrival of Murcian fruit that the value will reduce back to normal levels.

    Prices could remain high for about 6 weeks - please be careful.

  • Shutterstock 1096661984
    Grapefruit - Both Colours

    Grapefruit will become extremely expensive as we move through the month and find an abrupt end to the Spanish season which will no doubt see a gap in supply until the South African availability starts to arrive.

    Things may become difficult until we get into June so please watch this space for more info.

  • Shutterstock 651570751
    Grapes - Both Colours

    A switch in season will occur during the move pushing prices up as availability becomes difficult.

    Spanish crops will come to a close and we will have to look into Chilian availability which will push prices up so please keep this in mind.

  • Shutterstock 2921409771

    UK stored fruit is offer now apart from the trusty Bramley variety.

    Europe still holds options but with the arrival of southern hemisphere apples arriving shortly, prices may start to increase for our luscious and so very tasty apple options.

All We Need Is SUN

As the land warms up we will suddenly start to find ourselves inundated with daily new and intriguing flavours becoming available.

May offers bumper crops of local asparagus, wild garlic, new season mids, garlic scapes, peas, broad beans and other interesting vegetable varieties and it won't be long until we all start to see UK deep bed radish, sweetcorn and more things to excite

See whats most amazing below...
Shutterstock 421092781
  • Shutterstock 10115741381
    Cauliflower - UK
  • Shutterstock 674475544
    Fresh Peas - Uk
  • Shutterstock 160843121
    Broad Bean - UK
  • Shutterstock 10862704161
  • Shutterstock 292694849
    Jersey Royals
  • Pass
    Cornish Mids - UK
  • Shutterstock 139457297
    Wet Garlic - UK
  • Shutterstock 189610820
    Wild Garlic - UK
  • Shutterstock 3605700501
    Outdoor Rhubarb - Uk
  • Shutterstock 202231939
    Courgette Flower - UK
  • Shutterstock 164318123
    Spring Kale - UK
  • Shutterstock 5284478261
    Cavelo Nero - UK
  • Shutterstock 292513535
    Hispi Cabbage - UK
  • Shutterstock 2900469441
    Globe Artichoke
  • Shutterstock 1203528312
    Morel Mushroom

The Shoulder Period

As we progress through the month of May various vegetables will run into troublesome times keep your eyes to the below for more information.

Shutterstock 1179876721
  • Shutterstock 614533241

    Large and regular onions are starting to rocket in price due to a cross over in season between Chilian and Spanish seasons.

    Prices are going to escalate quickly so please be careful and use your onions wisely.

  • Shutterstock 742988719
    Sweet Potatoes

    U.S.A stored sweet potato is starting to become troublesome due to lowering stock levels.

    Availability will be stable but prices will most definitely rise. Floods last growing season hasn't helped so let's hope this disaster doesn't happen again as the new season crop is coming through

  • Shutterstock 1096661984

    Grapefruit has rocketed in price so much so we have stopped buying it!!!

    The Spanish season has come to an abrupt end and the South African crop won't arrive for another 4 weeks!!!

    Why not try puree if you need that grapefruit flavour.

  • Shutterstock 10680197421
    Purple Sprouting Broccoli

    This most spontaneous of crops has once again been and now disappeared for another period.

    It should return in late summer, but until then why not try green tender stem as that's soon to turn into UK crop which will be most fantastic.

Leafy Options

May always brings some fantastic leafy offerings as the UK salad season gathers pace.

As the month progresses more and more options will become available from our UK growers such items as bunched radish, aubergine, electric red spring onion and many more.

Shutterstock 738408103
  • Shutterstock 156244646
    Round Salad Tomato - UK
  • Shutterstock 155526392
    Heirloom - UK
  • Shutterstock 3107648421
    Piccolo Tomato - UK
  • Shutterstock 2490242562
    Little Gem - UK
  • Shutterstock 10190807562
    Cucumber - UK
  • Shutterstock 137873726
    Spring Onions - Mexican
  • Shutterstock 95629570
    Grelot - France
  • Shutterstock 2361521862
    Iceberg Lettuce - UK
  • Shutterstock 396849835
    Baby Spinach - UK
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