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The Glorious Twelfth....

The game industry in the North is a phenomenal business, valuable game shooting takes place over many thousands of acres, bringing much needed income to the area and offering our palettes the sumptuous flavours of a wild grouse or a plump pheasant. In season we actively source from the best shoots the North has to offer be it an oven ready bird or a hare dressed for dinner - whatever takes your fancy
In addition we offer a regular delivery of specialist fresh French poultry giving you the ability to work with some of the most fantastic flavours from Europe. Plump squab pigeon, robust flavoursome guinea fowl and the more delicate quail.

Seasonal Game Availability From Northern Shoots

  • Gb2 Bird
  • Gb2 Chick
  • Gb2 Slice
  • Gb2 Snoke
  • Gb2 Chick3
  • Gb2 Saus
  • Gb2 Strami
  • Gb2 Smoke