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Inspirational Lemongrass Madness !!!

Let's see how easy it is to send your cells into a cryptic overdrive as they try and untangle these fantastic juicy facts around something which we must have all tasted and used before but probably never taken the time to understand the facts around its existence.

Lemongrass has been cultivated in areas of Asia, India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines for centuries where natives combined lemongrass with other goodies to create medicinal tonics called ‘fever tea’

Lemongrass oil has also been used by the Indians for thousands of years to treat fungal infections on the skin, in particular, their toes !!!!

Slugs hate lemongrass – Add some crumpled lemongrass near your glorious potted plants to repel all slimy insects.

Lemongrass is often found in deodorants as its antifungal properties act fast on body odour – if you ever get caught short in the blistering hot sun and have some lemongrass in your pocket you know what to do !!!!

Legend holds stories of a young Chinese girl named Chan-Cymbopogon who loved to frolic in the pastures of her father's cattle farm when the moonlight shone across the land.

Frolicking Cymbo was out late one night when she strayed away from the secure pastures into a new and very scary territory,

Now panic-stricken Cymbo started to shake with fear as the darkness set in and a dreaded killer mosquito crew could be heard flying into the farm on their nightly feed on the cattle.

Shaking Cymbo found cover in elongated grasses for a short time while the killer beasts passed - it wasn't long until intrigued Cymbo sniffed the land as its fragrant aroma brought magical senses and thoughts of green curry, hot water infusions and even intense jelly and lemon clouds (WOW)

Now somewhat advanced in her culinary mind, Cymbo decided to run for her life, once exiting the long grass found herself confronted with a wall of flying insects ready to feed on her nervous being. Slightly dazed, Cymbo stood tall and walked against the insects to find they parted, once they smelt that oozing lemongrass juice they departed rapidly.

Safe Cymbo was greeted with open arms when she arrived home and quizzed as to how she survived. The oily grass saved my life she proclaimed and before long cultivated lemongrass was flowing - They even called it Cymbopogon after Cymbo who is possible the bravest girl on the plant!!!

How radical is all of that ??

Lemongrass Staff Lunch!!!

Why not try and recreate this - lets get all lemongrass infused.

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