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Inspirational Blackberry Madness !!!

The time has come to find all the facts you may ever need around the existence of the most radical of fruits... the blackberry!

Evidence of blackberry consumption can be found all the way back to the Iron Age, around 2,500 years ago!

There are 375 species of blackberry across the world! Blackberries and raspberries look similar when growing but what distinguishes the blackberry from its relatives is whether or not the torus (or stem) stays with the fruit.

Blackberries aren't berries in the botanical sense, it is an aggregate fruit, composed of small drupelets.

Romans made tea from blackberry leaves to treat illnesses and the Greeks used blackberries to treat gout.

Hailed as a “super-food,” blackberries are an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

Health benefits include better digestive health, stronger immune system, healthy heart functioning, prevention of cancer, and relief from endothelial dysfunction.

Blackberries provides cognitive benefits and aids in enhancing memory, weight management, keeping the bones strong, skin care, improving vision, keeping disease-free eyes, and normal blood clotting.

100 grams of whole blackberries contain 14% of the recommended daily intake of fibre in your diet while only containing 43 calories!!!

Blackberries have been used by women in labour to help relieve pain as they have high levels of vitamin K which can act as a muscle relaxant, bear that in mind ladies!

Some traditions suggest that blackberries are representative of the blood of Christ. Some people also believe that the crown of thorns that was placed on Christ’s head for his crucifixion was made of blackberry brambles.

How radical is all of that ??

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