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No Chance...

Next time you're in the woods take a look into the leaves, and you will see that this year we are going to witness a remarkable CONKER SEASON!!!

The leaves are starting to fade very slowly as the first fallen leaves get ready to depart in a few weeks (unbelievable)

Until their arrival, we have loads of unusual seasonal flavours amongst the time has come to:

To Be Inspired...
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Check This Out.

So Then What’s Totally Awesome This Week ??

  • Shutterstock 148347392
    Victoria Plum - UK
  • Shutterstock 1220910001
    Damson - UK (Wont be Around For Long)
  • Shutterstock 1154770048
    Crapaudine Beetroot
  • Shutterstock 1166562772
    Golden Beetroot - UK
  • Shutterstock 1366153211
    Romanesco - UK
  • Turnipweww
    Golden Turnip
  • Shutterstock 718985680
    Stripy Beetroot - UK
  • Shutterstock 625972112
    Rainbow Chard
  • Shutterstock 193470209
    Bold Black Cherry - Kent
  • Shutterstock 1010280415
    Cos Lettuce - Tomlinson
  • Shutterstock 1349808473
    Apricots - France
  • Shutterstock 1078619039
    Hen Of The Wood Mushroom
  • Shutterstock 14437210971
    Cob Nuts -= UK
  • Shutterstock 1272360293
    White Peaches - France
  • Shutterstock 1148770460
    Popcorn Shoot

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Why Not Try Something Ultra-Special ??

There Is Lots To Try...

  • Shutterstock 422799022
    Black Garlic
  • Hall
    Squeeky Cheese
  • Shutterstock 561071752
    Shortcrust Pastry Roll
  • Shutterstock 710921974
    Truffle Oil - Truffle Hunter
  • Shutterstock 124966529
    Bulgar Wheat

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