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The Season

The weather this week looks to be marking the end of the summer and the dark nights are coming but there is plenty coming to excite.

A pleasing sight for many as the orders start to roll through the kitchen again after such a long time laying dormant. We are now seeing the end of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme so this will be interesting to see how the industry carries on, we need to remain strong!

Every member of our Delifresh family is working over and beyond to ensure we have product available at that exact moment you require.

The hospitality sector ground to a complete halt which has had a knock effect to the entire supply chain behind the sector.

This sometimes hidden area is a network of food producers and logistical challenges which is often forgotten about.

We are working extremely hard to get all facilities and logistics back to working stability.

We will keep you informed with news and information about any more significant operational changes right here in your weekly Refresh so keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime jump in feet first into this weeks Refresh - Enjoy...

How Exciting
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Enjoy The Glide