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Hopefully, by now, you will be following our chef only social media channels.

For those that don't know we have set up some totally dedicated new channels especially for your eyes - Across all three channels, you can now hunt out Delifresh and follow our every move.

We will always showcase whats totally outstanding you need to make sure you follow us and join in the fun.

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Hero Of The Week

The Social Slice is a continuous connection with your kitchen as chefs from across the country tag us in during every hour of the day -

We are on the hunt for new and exciting pictures so make sure next time your admiring something on the pass take a snap and send it other either by the form below or a simple TAG on any social channel.

We are turning the competition up a notch every lucky winner wins a hamper box full of everything on this weeks refresh to enjoy - OH MY WORD!!!

So go on cameras at the ready...

Manor House

You Have To Be In It To WIN It Upload A Dish NOW

**The Whippet and Pickle**

This weeks winner is the AMAZING White Swan - Gilling West

The team at the White Swan are dedicated Delifresh warriors who continually push the boundaries to cook alongside mother nature.

A perfectly simple lobster dish, looking absolutely stunning!

To all the team, you are truly inspirational you have been crowned our Upload Heroes of the week!!!

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Send Us A Nudge...

You don't have to send a picture of a dish to win it can be anything kitchen related so use your imagination!!!!

Simply upload your image below if you don't want to tag us in on Social Media.

It's easy to do so you can even use your phone or tablet to take the image and upload in one swipe.

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