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Inspirational Star Anise Madness !!!

We are sure over the years we have all had the pleasure of gifting your nose to the fragrant aromatic smell that this star-shaped wonder holds, but what exactly is this strangely shaped seed, is it a seed ?? Why is it so potent??

Less of the build-up lets dig deep into some crazy facts around the king of Spice the trusty Star Anise

Are you ready for this ???

Star anise is actually a most beautiful fruit from the green magnolia tree which lines the south-west China shores in abundance.

This region of China produces 90% of the worlds star anise production and the star anise industry alone employs a whopping 10 million people ( Wowza) and export a crazy 16 million tonnes a year across the globe.

The star-shaped fruit is picked just before full ripeness and left to dry naturally in the sun.

Often used as a flavour enhancer through many cuisines and is now used in every corner of the globe it's even in chewing gum !!!

Ancient legends hold stories of Kum Star Chee an elder in deepest China who suffered from a chronic toothache. The Chinese believed tooth worms were the cause of toothache and the only remedy was to bite on the stone until the teeth cracked to rid the worms.

One evening the pain from his infected root canal was so severe Kum Star couldn’t bring himself to go down the stone route so wished upon a shooting star. The star slowly came to earth and Kum Star followed its path where he was greeted with a burning magnolia tree. Kum Star spotted the luscious fruit burning and plucked It to safety.

Once home in the last attempt to rid his pain, he took a great bite of the now dried fruit to reveal a tremendous flavored seed which instantaneously cured his ache – what they don’t note is that lucky Kum Star Chee probably broke his tooth in the process but he was so marvelled at the inner beauty of the star anise he didn’t realise.

The cultivation of the star anise was born - Please stand tall for Kum Star Chee what a star anise legend he truly was.

How radical is all of that ??

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