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Speedy Eyes

Time is challenging for many, so if you are in a rush but want to keep refreshed you have navigated to the right place as our fast reader page is designed for you.

Simply swipe away and let your eyes slide down the refresh in one page, once you have more time come back for a deeper look around to find out all the juicy info.

Speed reading is a skill that most of us host but how many can speed skate ?? (this is getting random) Cast your eyes below and feel your cells ignite as your eyes capture glimpses of all things nice

Speedy Gonzales....
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Get Ready 1, 2, 3 Go, Go, GO!!!!

What’s AMAZING This Week???

  • Shutterstock 12185991101
    Yorkshire Asparagus - Richard Morrit
  • Shutterstock 609995312
    Fresh Almonds - Wednesday - French
  • Shutterstock 95900824
    Strawberry - UK
  • Shutterstock 1333133417
    Green Strawberry - Yorkshire
  • Shutterstock 662203318
    Outdoor Rhubarb - Tomlinson
  • Shutterstock 667010584
    Garlic Scapes - Isle Of White
  • Shutterstock 1149789491
    Citra Leaf - Holland
  • Shutterstock 1775340441
    Shitake Mushroom - UK
  • Shutterstock 259991981
    Corn On The Cob - Spain
  • Shutterstock 1608431211
    Broad Beans - UK
  • Shutterstock 1188976384
    Flat Peach - France
  • Shutterstock 1372438739
    Fresh Cherry
  • Shutterstock 2669529171
    Wild Garlic
  • Shutterstock 776328823
    Fresh Nettle
  • Shutterstock 145509451
    Wild Garlic Flowers
  • Shutterstock 181631612
    Oak Moss - Amazing Garnish
  • Shutterstock 11614106442
    Pine - Douglas - Smoking!!!
  • Shutterstock 483237556
    Bladderwrack Seaweed - Salty Number
  • Shutterstock 793229431
    Mixed Sea Vegetables - Totally Perfect
  • Shutterstock 138521678
    Sea Purslane

Why Not Try Something Ultra-Special ??

With countless fresh flavours landing in our engine room daily it would be a disaster if we didn’t inform you of a few cheeky speciality ingredients that are also on true form this week.

  • Shutterstock 539362171
    **New** Air Dried Ham - Woodhalls
  • Shutterstock 452784682
    **New** Deluxe Vanilla Yoghurt - Ann Forshaws
  • J R1S Xzk Q
    **New** Quince Membrillo - Global Harvest
  • Capture1223
    Rose & Hazelnut Vegan Ice - Northern Bloc
  • Shutterstock 520409461
    Yuzu Aroma
  • Shutterstock 1337367839
    Peppermint Chip Icecream - Northern Bloc

Mix It UP

  • Shutterstock 117762442
    Strawberry Puree
  • Shutterstock 662760343
    Apricot Puree
  • Shutterstock 719086693
    Calamansi Puree
  • Shutterstock 1372438739
    Black Cherry Puree
  • Shutterstock 696690610
    Coconut Puree
  • Shutterstock 423682447
    Wild Strawberry Puree
  • Shutterstock 491664166
    Mirabelle Puree
  • Shutterstock 434954017
    Beetroot Powder
  • Shutterstock 1114429616
    Bergamot Puree
  • Shutterstock 1039050211
    Rose Aroma
  • Shutterstock 76345003
    Tonka Bean
  • Shutterstock 685822456
    White Peach Puree
  • Shutterstock 671453407
    Pomegranate Molasse
  • Shutterstock 10396908941
    Sweet Cicely Syrup
  • Shutterstock 97050998
    Pink Grapefruit Puree
  • Lemons
    Fresh Amalfi Lemon
  • Shutterstock 584268379
    Candy Floss!!!
  • Blood
    Blood Orange Puree
  • Shutterstock 545780141
    Frozen Gooseberries
  • Shutterstock 210116581
    Fizz Powder
  • Shutterstock 1117103468
    Cameroon Cocoa Powder
  • Shutterstock 134604722
    Cream Chargers
  • Shutterstock 1174197943
    Pellorce Pitted Cherry
  • Poppingd
    Popping Candy
  • Shutterstock 514741099
    Juniper Berry
  • Shutterstock 11614106442
    Fresh Pine
  • Kjihj
    Wild Foraged Flowers

Do You Really Want To Miss It ???

Dont Miss Out On Some Inspirational Facts.

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Come On You Know You Want To

Click Me!!!

Someone Say Free ???

Don’t Get Caught Out

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  • Shutterstock 7959379783
  • Shutterstock 614533241

Hero Of The Week **Dan Ward**

The Upload hero is gathering pace as entries flood from all angles - The other day a creative nudge arrived which we simply couldn't ignore - Dan Ward used the form below to upload some seasonal magic which simply excited our senses - Pastrami of salmon. Dill & cucumber brought radical thoughts and an immediate need to visit the Parsonage where Dan is cooking his cells out daily. Dan for your continued commitment to your Refresh and your seasonal drive you have been crowned our Upload Hero of the week - Get in touch to claim your prize...

11th June - NorthEast Foraging Day

Do you LOVE the wild, finding yourself walking the dog wondering what that random berry may taste like or while sitting on the beech licking lemonade lollipops thinking about all that luscious seaweed floating by what are the uses ???

Well, the time has come to stop thinking and investigate what the wild truly has got to offer as the first of the years foraging date is open to register your interest.

The day will be based in the Northeast & will work like the below
9:30 - Meet/Breakfast snacks
10:00 - 11:30 - Coastal Forage - taking in all the beeches have to offer
12:00 - Beech BBQ
1:15 - 3:30 - Inland Forage - Finding out what the woods have to offer
4:30pm - Snacks & depart

James from Totally Wild will be joining us throughout the day so we can pick his most inspirational cells around all things wild and edible.

Don't Miss Out & Sign Up Below:

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Shout From the Hills...

No news is often seen as a good thing but not on here!!!

This section of your Refresh is here for you to spread to the world a piece of news that you may have.

It could be around a member of your team, a move to a new establishment we will leave this up to you.

To send your news in simply fill the form below and we will highlight you on this chef inspired page for the world to see.

Maybe you want to highlight a member of your team, just upload a picture (you can do it from your phone) and let us spread the news.

Tidal Pool!!!

Nothing is more calming or inspiring than the sea, these refreshing thoughts are combined in this most amazing dish you really need to take hold of this and watch it as it will most definitely excite.

This captured our senses so much we tried to replicate this dish for beach travel this past week - although not to point as we couldn't find a fresh urchin on the shorelines of our eastern land but a most creative take on this magical dish excited all around.

Make sure you give this a try it's AMAZING

Go On Take Some Time & Have A Click Around