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Particulary Good Potatoes

We have a new friend who resides in the rolling hills of Northumberland who is possibly the most passionate potato infused human on the planet.

The amazing team at Particularly Good Potatoes, grow, harvest, store, grade, and prepare all their own potatoes with the most excellent quality whilst maintaining great flavour and a story that runs closely with our values.

All of the potatoes are grown on their own farm in Northumberland which hosts fantastic soil and great growing conditions for this most challenging of crops.

Once harvested, the trusty potatoes are transported into the store where they are lovingly looked after then onto the processing plant on the farm where they are washed, processed and packed ready for delivery to delifresh.

All potatoes grown are of amazing quality and bred for fry resistance bringing the opportunity for what we call in the trade a 0/0 fry - (The Perfect CHIP)

Wastewater and starch from the production is put back onto the potato crop as a valuable feed - A truly virtuous circle!

The chunky chips have made the move first but it doesn't stop there as soon to follow we will see some interesting potato infused options.


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  • Shutterstock 446849035
    Pearl Mids - Maris Bard

    Tiny in size these small graded mids are a total winner.

    With the asparagus season inbound these pearl sized mids will be perfect to present on the plate.

    With a smaller grading of 35mm down these will be perfect - Order Pearl mids today !!!!

  • Shutterstock 7313059241
    Purple Potatoes - Violetta

    These beautiful Violetta hold a deep beautiful colour and most remarkable flavour.

    Nurtured by Lucy Carroll and her fantastic team these interesting potatoes are most definitely worth investigating if you haven't got them on your menu already.

  • Chips111
    Chunky Chips - Particularly Good - Sagitta

    Looking for the best chip on the planet? Look no further as these are simply the finest chips available.

    With amazing 0/0 fry qualities, these chunky chips will perform every time - You will not be disappointed.

  • Shutterstock 367257002
    Roast Potatoes - Koffman Reds Desiree

    The Koffman Reds are an exciting variety which is a great all-around option.

    Holding a great dry matter content it is screaming to be blanched and hit with boiling hot goose fat for the most perfect roast potato

  • Shutterstock 1100152760
    Chips - Lovers/Koffman's

    Thick cut, French fry, crisps whichever fried potato takes your fancy this week the most consistent potatoes you should look into using are either the potato lovers or the most amazing Koffman range.

    These preconditioned potatoes are of good grade and hold the perfect dry matter and starch/sugar content to give you the best chip on the planet

  • Shutterstock 602957888
    Mash - Guys Fries (House Ware)Premier

    If you are wanting to create a totally mind-blowing potato puree then you need to be looking into utilising the house ware.

    Product is of good sizing making peeling easier and once through the beautiful skin that awesome flesh will bring some great mashing results.

    For the KING of Mash why not pre-order some Mayon Gold. Wooowwwzzaa

  • Shutterstock 103127411
    Koffmans Reds - Desiree

    Over the last couple of months, we have had a little break from the trusty Rooster due to a slight supply issue but they are now back with a bang.

    For those who love the almighty Rooster you can once again celebrate their existence as they are here for all to enjoy

  • Shutterstock 450338152
    All Rounder House Ware - Premier

    The Premier is a great all-rounder for this week, this is a relatively new variety which offers a good stable & consistent offering if you are just looking for a multi-use potato.

    Whatever you throw the trusty Ceaser into they will perform on every occasion

  • Shutterstock 5015768593
    Pink Fir Apple

    Once again Carrolls Heritage Potatoes have come out on top as this perfect fingerling potato is immense. Long, narrow and famously knobbly with a part pink & white skin with firm flesh.

    These long fleshy potatoes have a wonderful nutty, earthy flavour and are great boiled, steamed or in salads.

  • Shutterstock 11552104
    Jumbo Potatoes - Estima

    Washed and humongous, these fellas will blow your mind as this week the variety is a classic Maris Piper.

    Being very large in size if you are doing something like potato straws, potato sheets/paper or just want massive chips this jumbo-sized offering will tick the box.

  • Shutterstock 661965718
    Washed Whites - Estima

    Washed, graded and ready for action washed whites are perfect if you need a consistent potato.

    This week they are Estima which is a sophisticated variety as it offers some really great results when it comes to items such as Pomme Anna

  • Shutterstock 715859299
    Bakers - 40/50/60 - Estima

    The bakers this week are all Estima variety.

    This classic variety is great as a baker and growing size is consistent and its stable for many tasks

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