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Raspberry Madness !!!

There are many things in life which we take for granted as they flood our senses far too often, soon these flavours become a norm, and we totally forget about the beauty around their existence.

Everyone on the planet is guilty of this, and this week we may blow your veins as we divulge facts around the worlds most delicate fruit which we are sure everyone enjoys.

The time has come to find out some most awesome facts around the juicy raspberry.

Also known as Rubus idaeus, raspberry lives in the same family as the rose and the prickly bramble.

Raspberries are not just red; they can also be purple, golden and black in colour, depending on the variety we are hunting down some purple fruit as we type!!!

One raspberry cane can produce over 200 individual fruits every season.

Check this out Russia is the largest producer of raspberries in the world. It produces 125.000 tons of raspberries per year – Wowza

Roots of the raspberry cane can survive up to 10 years. The stem is biennial, which means that it dies after two years and gets replaced with the new stem to give the plant a new life every year.

Raspberries contain more vitamin C than oranges, crazily high in fibre, low in calories and supply you with a good kick of folic acid. They are also high in potassium, vitamin A and calcium. The humble fruit is unbelievably perfect for your body.

Raspberry fruits have flowers with multiple ovaries, and each produces druplets around a core. These druplets are the delicate little bead-like pockets of goodness in each raspberry, and each one could be considered a separate fruit on its own.

Legend holds stories of a young girl called Jasmine Rees - Floral smelling Jasmine loved to venture deep into the forest in the evenings as she chased fireflies and hunted for the so very elusive five leafed clover (Tricky)

jasmine was wise and truly sensible, and she never ventured far beyond the moss-lined trees as stories of deepened danger and evil beasts shuck her senses.

One evening flourishing jasmine was deep in the wood near the moss line when she heard strange, delicate whispers coming from the tall branching canes. Looking closer she witnessed something genuinely outstanding as the luscious low hanging fruit was glowing GOLDEN then flicking back to red in a blink of her lids.

Shocked and a little worried Intrigued Jasmine decided she should try and capture a changing fruit so she could spread the news of these most amazing GOLDEN drupels. Every time she got close, the fruits turned back to red, and the whispers disappeared.

Jasmine stood back and watched the show take place until she had a cunning plan. Tricky Jasmine hunted for an object she could knock the fruit from the canes with and came across an opened pine cone. Grappled in one hand, she waited for the exact moment she lobbed the pine cone into the canes waiting for the fruit to fall.

Whispers became screams of horror as the voices from the canes increased - Soon to follow was a thud on shocked Jasmines temple as the pine cone flew through the air whacking poor Jasmine right in the head.

Dazzled and a little scared Jasmine picked up the pine cone and ran home to safety - Once home fruity Jasmine looked at the pine cone in detail and wedged inside was a smashed up GOLDEN raspberry. She instantly gorged on its sweet tender flesh and tossed one seed from the drupel into her compost heap.

From this day on the Golden Raspberries are challenging to find and hold high price tags as the elusive voices from the canes hate giving them away and keep their magical properties all to themselves.
If you find a clump of wild canes just sit and wait there is no doubt you will eventually hear the voices and witness the light show...

How radical is all of that ??

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