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Creative Additions

Adding that touch of magic to your creations is always fantastic to do - Whether its enhancing flavours, bonding textures, exploding particles or even giving you an option to ignite the Sosa & MSK range of ingredients are fascinating to use.

Some items often out of reach and equally some never used due to you simply not knowing about their existence.

Well, we are about to stop all of that as Hubble-Bubble is now here to ignite your creative cells and showcase the range to its full.

Every week we will highlight three new products with a brief description around their uses and also a cheeky video.

Once the page builds we will cut the items down into sections so you can glide back often as a reference guide - How exciting is all of this???

In a few weeks time, this page will be bubbling with information and be a completely radical guide which you can use forever more...

What Are You Waiting For ???
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Passion Fruit Marshmallows

Now here is an interesting idea.

Looking for inspiration for the use of Albumina then check this creative video out.

What Else Have You Got Then ???

  • Shutterstock 220089820
    Agar Agar

    Agar is extracted from a type of red algae, This interesting gelling agent can form gels in very small proportions and can be used to make hot jellies.

    Always mix in cold and bring to the boil to activate Once gelled, it can withstand up to 80°c. Use it for a hot jelly over icecream - Now there's an idea !!!

  • Shutterstock 684008467

    This most awesome product is fantastic for applications that require whipped egg white it can also be used to make big bubble air from liquids by using a fish tank oxygen pump!! long stranded protein helps keep bubbles stable (Wowza)

    Its the best for making amazing meringues and the best ever macarons!

  • Shutterstock 341346587
    Green Powder

    This natural green powder will amaze your senses as when you open the pot its BROWN!!!

    The moment this powder hits moisture the colour explosion occurs turning anything into a most amazing green colour.

    Use in many things just let your imagination go crazy...

  • Shutterstock 413403079

    Sosa Maltosec is an interesting ingredient being soluble in hot & cold environments and has the capacity to absorb oils turning them into a manipulable powder.

    Chocolate dust, olive oil powder, powder rocks the list goes on and on.

  • Shutterstock 368250875
    Lime Peta Zeta (Popping Candy)

    If you like popping candy then why not give this lime option a try.

    With a wet seal, it can be used in an application which won't activate until wet which brings lots of interesting uses for this green magic.

  • Shutterstock 1039050211
    Rose Arome

    Hunting for that most amazing rose flavour for something like a rose pannacotta, turkish delight or other rose infused creative ideas ???

    Well, hunt no more as Sosa has it covered with this cheeky aroma which will excite your senses.

  • Shutterstock 797393389

    Sosa Gelespessa is easy to use thickening agent.

    Can be used both for cold and hot liquid products - Best results use a stick blender to incorporate into liquid. If you want to remove excess air simply us a vac pack machine and bingo.

  • Shutterstock 581603821
    Gelcrem Cold

    Gelcrem Cold is a tasteless thickener with the texture of pastry cream.

    Simply hand blend into any fatless liquid to thicken to desired texture - It can withstand freezing which brings some radical uses when you think out of the box. If you want to thicken hot liquid use Gelcrem Hot or Ultratex

  • Shutterstock 473473771
    Soya Lecithin

    An emulsifier is an ingredient that facilitates the binding of water molecules with molecules of fat.

    This binding facilitates the incorporation of air in many different types of creations from exciting hot foams, mousses etc.

    This cheeky ingredient is not just for the pastry section its totally mega in bread and other savoury items

  • Pop
    Chocolate Popping Candy

    Looking to add that popping action to your creations then popping candy is the thing for you.

    This chocolate coated option though gives you the opportunity to mix it through items so it doesn't activate until it hits moisture & with a chocolate shell, it only reacts when it slipped into your mouth!!!

  • Shutterstock 1055342471
    Pro - Espuma Hot

    This is an interesting ingredient to use...

    If you have never used this cheeky offering before you need to give it a try.

    With an interesting edge, this product can create hot foams which are stable and retain heat - Its a fantastic addition to the dry store it will save the day when you are in the need for some hot foaming action!!!

  • Shutterstock 365250794
    Lime Sugar

    This crazy sugary option will add excitement into your creations as it holds a flavour hit like nothing else!!!

    Perfect to be used in the dessert section and even where you require a zesty yet sugary lime shock - What about behind the bar the uses there are endless.

    All it requires is to be stored with the lid tightly shut and away from any moisture or heat source.

  • Shutterstock 1054589579
    Pro Souffle

    This amazing product gives over 25% more lift and is far more stable than fresh egg whites when you start to create Souffles or Foams.

    That scenario of panicking that your light souffle is about to fall into dangerous levels is over - Fear no more as this magic powder will keep everything inflated.

    Just think about this banquet for 100 covers this cheeky item means you can have souffle on the menu without panic - How exciting is that???

  • Shutterstock 706881241
    Raspberry Powder

    Looking for a powder hosting that magical flavour then hunt no more as this Sosa Raspberry powder will blow your mind.

    Perfect for many creative uses this powder will be most amazing.

  • Shutterstock 288772295
    Powderd Smoke

    Sounds weird but just think about what this crazy powder could do for you ???

    Slit through salt to add a magic flavour to your seasoning mix which will add some severe excitement - We are going to just leave this next cheeky thought with you - MASH!!!

    Make sure you order a pot to try you won't be disappointed.

  • Shutterstock 1265522170
    Veggie Gel

    This vegetarian gelatine consists of carrageenan which is basically an algae along with a resin carob.

    It's extremely easy to use stir into cold liquids then heat to 90°C allowing to cool below 60°c to activate as a gelling agent.

    It produces a gel with a groovy transparency and ultra elasticity which is also heat stable - Morel Jelly Anyone ???

  • Shutterstock 749602894
    Antihumidity Icing Sugar

    If you are continually getting frustrated with icing sugar dissolving rapidly once applied - Struggle no more as Antihumidity icing sugar is here to save the day.

    You can dust to your heart's content in advance and the white sugary snow will not dissolve so get the shaker filled up and get active

    Particularly beneficial if you need a dust for a large numbered function.

  • Sosa Airbag Tasters
    Air Bag Granite

    Heat the fryer and get ready to be amazing

    Air Bag - Granite is basically a dehydrated pork fat that once hits hot fat will puff back up into an amazing crackling just screaming to be dusted in a seasoning of your choice and placed.

    Perfect for garnish or for adding an eye-popping texture - If you have never tried it before you must do so

  • Shutterstock 434954017
    Beetroot Powder

    This red powder is waiting to add some severe colour and flavour to all it touches.

    Ultra-affordable and completely radical the uses for this flavoursome dust is endless.

    Want to make a different coloured bread, pasta, butter, ice cream, meringue even just need some colour in the form of snow, then this beetroot powder is for you.

  • Gngdfn
    Inverted Sugar

    Heavily used in the baking and confectionery industry to prevent recrystallization of sugars which in turn will aid in the increased shelf life of baked items due to its ability to retain moisture.

    This syrup can also bring some brilliant smooth texture to ice cream, garnish and other things that you may have in the past used Trimoline for - It's massively cheaper too which is an added bonus

    Inverted Sugar all the way from now on

  • Ugtuighiuhjkh
    Yoghurt Crispy

    Looking for a yoghurt hit but don't want to use a loose yoghurt or require a dry application but equally need a good yoghurt flavour then these dehydrated yoghurt pieces are here to excite.

    The clue is totally in the name as these crisped pieces of yoghurt hold great texture and fantastic flavour get them used whole or crushed for added excitement.

Come Back Next Week For Even More Ideas...