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2019 Great British Pub Awards **Tom Parker**

A new glider to our creative Refresh and Delifresh family of warriors has scooped an award this past week which is an outstanding achievement and a sheer celebration to his creative flair and true seasonal addiction.

Tom Parker who cooks his heart out at the Michelin Star White Swan @ Fence came away from the awards winning Chef Of The Year.

If you have never had the opportunity to witness Toms true dedication to food you need to make sure you take a trip into the small village of Fence to sample some inspired seasonal creativity.

Over the years Tom and team have won many awards including a Michelin Star as they celebrate the season with true skill.

Flavours embraced scream perfection as simplicity is used to really capture their deep and sophisticated existence. Toms food is, without doubt, some of the best the North has to offer.

MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS Tom this award is well deserved - Keep up the fantastic work


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