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The Inn At South Stainley

If you have never been to the Inn at South Stainley this weekend is the time to go as they have organised a most amazing charity three-day extravaganza to support the amazing Martin House Hospice charity.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday will be actioned packed with events from food enthused people such as demos by Michael O’Hare, Mark Taft and other local chefs including a cheeky appearance on stage by Delifresh as we showcase the season to all.

There's Beer & Wine Tents, Gin Tastings, Food Hall, BBQ, Live Bands, Entertainment it's going to be action packed and full of fun.

If your eyes are gliding this text and its Monday onwards you have missed the action but that doesn't stop a visit to the Inn as you won't be disappointed make sure you pop in to help them celebrate the season in true seafood pub style


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Fried Egg White Foam ???

This sounds weird we know but its actually totally mind-blowing.

We gave this a try the other day and the uses this versatile foam can offer are remarkable.

We will leave the creative ideas upto your cells but be sure to try this out as it could change your view on egg whites forever more...

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