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The Excitment...

Autumn flavours are now flooding through the engine room at speed.

This short snappy season can bring excitement to all as we slowly start to wave goodbye to the summer flavours we have all embraced over the past few months.

Keep your eyes firmly stuck to Your Refresh to be continually INSPIRED...

How Exciting...
Shutterstock 208876057

So Then What’s Totally Awesome This Week ??

  • Chantenay6
    Mixed Coloured Chantenay
  • Fennel Flowers3
    Fennel Flowers
  • Mixedwwww
    Special Mixed Wild Mushroom
  • Romanesco5
  • Cepes03
  • Artichokes1
    Globe Artichokes
  • Douglas Fir1
    Douglas Fir
  • Toms1
    English Green Tomatoes
  • Nasturtium2
    Mini Living Nasturtium
  • Gauds6
    Mixed Gourds
  • Squash7
    Mixed Autumn Squash
  • Pumpkin1
    Mini Pumpkins
  • Purple Cauli
    Purple Cauliflower
  • Purple
    Purple Variegated Kale
  • Orange Cauli
    Orange Cauliflower

Apple & Pears

The UK season is here and now is the time to embrace some amazing UK varieties.

Keep your eyes peeled as we celebrate the UK season to the MAX.

  • Shutterstock 526640050
    Apple - Russet - UK
  • Shutterstock 3080883741
    Apple - Cox - UK
  • Shutterstock 7959641621
    Apple - Worcester - UK
  • Img 6877
    Comice Pear - UK
  • Shutterstock 48487708
    Conference Pear - UK

Why Not Try Something Ultra-Special ??

There Is Lots To Try...

  • Shutterstock 782302354
    Sliced Pastrami
  • Shutterstock 1204140754
    Peppermint Ice-Cream
  • Shutterstock 1070960570
    Smoked Chicken
  • Shutterstock 1245953008
    Ham Hock Terrine
  • Button
    Button Mill
  • 08 Img 0151
    Rib Tickler

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