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Inspirational Peach Madness !!!

There is no beating that flavour rush of when your teeth sink deep into the flesh of a trusty ripe and totally fragrant PEACH

These seasonal fruits often just find their way into the family fruit bowl and onto the odd menu here and there but these ultra tasty fruits hold mysterious notes and deep history.

the time has come to celebrate their existence and find out all we need to know about the outstanding PEACH.

There are over 3000 different varieties of peach ranging from Yellow Glow, White Wonder, Doughnut, Blood Rusher and beyond.

Each variety holds different characteristics in both flavour and ripeness texture along with there ability to be cling on or clingless.

True wild peaches can only be found in China any other peach is commercially grown. The wild varieties are small fruits, extremely sour and ultra fuzzy!!!

Peaches are often used in the cosmetic industry throughout the world for the production of various lotions, shampoos & creams.

In China, the peach symbolizes immortality and unity. Brides use peach flowers to decorate their hair during their wedding ceremony as the flowers are bold and truly beautiful.

Wait for this - During growth the flowers appear on the peach tree before the leaves!!!. These beautiful flowers consist of 5 pink petals they are often found grouped in pairs and each flower has both male & female reproductive organs making pollination a doddle.

Peach aromas have demonstrated analgesic effects such as reducing the feelings of pain, lifting depression, and creating a sense of well being.

According to recent research, the selenium in peaches has a positive effect in preventing cancer!!!

China is the worlds largest grower of Peach/Nectarine and last year grow over 58% of all volume

Peaches and nectarines are the same fruit - Some see them totally different the only difference the nectarine got bred as some people don't like the fuzz

Slit the peach in half and check out if you have cling on or a true clingless variety - Clingon peaches can often feel hard from touch but are actually ripe and super juicy

Are you a Cling-On Lover ??? - We are as we like a hard bite with juicy results...

How radical is all of that ??

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