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Lee Murdoch

For those of us that ever graced the tables at Crafthouse Leeds, you will have sampled Lees most outstanding food.

Lee has now moved onto pastures new as he has just opened his own pub - Three’s A Crowd in Harrogate.

Lee is a true Delifresh warrior and supports the season with true dedication and ultimate addiction - Lees social media feed is a complete work of art and we wish Lee and team massive success in their new venture.

Lee for being totally awesome over the years we think you deserve a prize - Get in touch with Greg so he can share.


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Really ???

We know its a while off, but as we are busy putting our final touches to some festive ideas, especially for you. Thoughts of mince pies, puddings, fondants thoughts arrived, and we thought it would be good to ask if there is anything special you may like to see on offer during Christmas 2019.

Simply write us a little festive note below with any ideas you may have, and we will reward you with a free box of mince pies in December!!!


The team at minibar by José Andrés in Washington, D.C. put not one, but two spins on a classic mojito cocktail.

Using the molecular technique of reverse spherification, they transform the cocktail into a small, smooth sphere that is carbonated using an ISI whip.

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