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We are passionate about our growers and suppliers who work hard in making sure we are constantly in tune with all things food.

Without this network of guru's we all would simply have nothing to create with, so as part of our duty to connect you closer to them this new section is here to make you feel even cosier than before.

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Please Stand Tall & Welcome The Amazing Team From Minus 8 Vinegar

Canadian Vinegar!

Minus 8 is a family-owned vineyard in Niagara, Canada where the hot summers and cold winters allowed them to make amazing vinegars and verjus!

Their first and flagship vinegar, Minus 8, was named after the temperature that grapes were harvested at. The taste is incredible!

Tasting vinegar is similar to beer or wine tasting in that we develop a palate over time, knowing what makes up a good beer or wine is just the same in vinegar. Over time you’ll be able to describe flavour profiles and distinguish the differences between a plain vinegar and a top-class product like Minus 8.

Just like fine wine, most of these vinegars will continue to age and improve in the bottle - which will influence on the character of the vinegar.

You should give it a try for yourself!

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