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Amalfi Lemon - Gin

With the arrival of the most fantastic lemons on the planet, excitement has been gathering around their existence.

So much, so that social media has erupted with pictures of the magical fruits and the so many uses they hold.

We simply couldn't ignore these fabulous creations, and this creative infusion captured our senses which flicked into vision via Instagram the other night.

The fantastic people at Pendle Gin got hold of a case and splashed their new love for the famous Italian coastal lemon as they infused its tangy flavour notes through their small batches of handcrafted gin.

Very soon this tangy treat will be available at bars across The Seafood Pub Company so if you want to sample a sip make sure you pay any of their bars a visit to taste their creative Amalfi lemon delights.

Make sure you give Pendle Gin a follow on Instagram and buy a box of Amalfi be prepared to be blown away.


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