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Inspirational Madness !!!

This unbelievable tap root is on most plates in the UK at the moment but what do we actually understand around its existence???

Its bold personality, deep flavour and most unbelievable texture make many smiles at this time of year. With so much to give we should all fully understand to the max everything, there is to know about the trusty Parsnip.

In Scotland people still to this day refer to a parsnip as a White Carrot,

Back in the day parsnips were used as animal feed and have been an essential part of the diet for pigs which produce Parma Ham

In the middle ages, the parsnip was used as a treatment for toothache and fungal nail infections (eeekkkkk) – if you have either it might be worth nibbling on a raw parsnip every day.

Until the arrival of sugar, beet parsnip was used as a natural sweetener for jams, cakes, wine and even bread. Ever tried making parsnip bread anyone????

Some people are allergic to parsnip; if you are allergic to walnuts, figs or parsley, you will probably show signs of swelling of the lips and burning of areas when consuming parsnips – be careful.

The pure sweetness of parsnips doesn’t really show until after the first harsh frost of the year. The cold temperatures burst the starch particles and turn them to sugar. Don’t use parsnips until Jack Frost has been!!!!

While growing parsnips hold large foliage which if disturbed can cause a severe rash as the juices contained in the stems and leaves can cause parsnip burn !!!!

How radical is all of that...

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