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Passion Fruit Madness !!!

You have to admit it - We all love a bit of tropical fruit on a hot summers day !!!

But these luscious fruits are often taken for granted as they are widely available and have swooped into a commodity fruit even though their inner beauty is mindblowing and that tart but sophistic flavours they hold are truly magical.

The time has come to find out all there is to know about one tropical fruit we all love the trusty and almighty Passion Fruit!!!

Passion fruit started out their epic live in South America, but now they are grown in tropical climates across the globe.

The Amazon is home to more than Two Hundred varieties of passion fruit plants all cropping amazing fruit each one tasting totally different from the other.

The plant that creates this luscious passion fruits is produced by fast-growing vines that can grow as much as 20 feet in one year!!! This viney numbers only have a lifespan of seven years then they wilt and die back.

When searching for passion fruits don't be put off by wrinkled skin as long as the fruit is dense the wrinkled options are far sweeter than the smooth fellas as the fruit is aged and will be ultra-tasty and ripe.

Trouble sleeping ??? fill your mouth full of passion fruit throughout the day and soon you may find yourself drifting off a tad easier. Every part of the passion fruit plant (fruit, leaf, vine, seeds) is packed full alkaloid, harman, which has a sedative effect and can aid in inducing sleep.

Legend holds stories of an old tribesman called Umbongo Stollen - Trusty Umbongo was a wise old fella who found himself overactive as he danced at every given opportunity.

Raving Umbongo one day was practising his tap-dancing on a fallen pommice tree deep in the heart of the Amazon. Intense heat, lack of fluid and extreme tapping brought Umbongo to his knees gasping for refreshment.

By this time Umbongo was crippled with dehydration and could barely lift his weary head - With great fright, Umbongo found himself on the forest floor actively being investigated by moving ants as he had fallen in their path.

Umbongo opened his mouth gasping for water when all of a sudden, he saw a round juicy fruit laying there in the ruffage - he grabbed the strange fruit and sank his teeth deep into the purple-tinged flesh.

Instantaneous hits of tangy delight flavours of mango, pineapple, papaya refreshed weary Umbongos senses.

After an hour of eating these weird fruits Umbongo was jigging his way home - That night Umbongo didn't have any trouble sleeping he slept like a Donkey..(weird)

Ever since this day, Umbongo and his village friends made sure they ate these fruits as a ritual, they even created a magnificent drink out of it called ???

How radical is all of that ??

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