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Inspirational Grapefruit Madness!!!

Looking back over the past twelve months we have done so many Did You Know facts it is unbelievable but the crazy thing is they just keep coming to our senses & we are now even getting requests!!!

Peter Thornton a true Delifresh warrior wanted to infuse his cells with so many facts around grapefruits he wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

Peter, we looked around, asked a few questions and there are far too many facts to list all but here are a few that should tickle your taste buds with a sour twang which a juicy Grapefruit will always bring.

The trusty grapefruit is the fruitling of a tree belonging to the Citrus genus of the Rutaceae family (Ummm).

The fruit was actually created in Barbados when a sweet orange and hefty pomelo were accidentally bred together.

Both ancestors of the newly created grapefruit were introduced from Asia in the 17th century.

When created, it was named the “forbidden fruit”; and often misidentified with the pomelo so be careful if you ever find yourself grapefruit picking.

It wasn’t until the 1800s that a Jamaican farmer coined the term “grapefruit.”

The name is all to do with how the fruit grows in grape-like clusters, and can imaginatively be looked at as grapes when small and green.

The average lifespan of a grapefruit tree is approximately 50 years.

The flesh is segmented and extremely acidic, varying in colour depending on the cultivars, including white, pink, red & gold pulps with flavours ranging from highly acidic and somewhat sour, too sweet and very tart.

In Haiti, grapefruit is used to make jam while over in Costa Rica, grapefruit are often cooked to remove their sourness, rendering them as sweets; they are also stuffed with dulce de leche, creating a dessert called toronja rellena (stuffed grapefruit). - Now there's something to try !!!

We could seriously go on all day there are loads of facts to share - Instead, why not order a grapefruit do some segmenting action and enjoy that flavour hit as its ultra unique and most outrageous.

How Mind Blowing is all of that ??

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