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Show Us Something Different

For a chef, every week brings something new to experiment with - For others it can be sometimes a struggle to easily reach and find these so tasty treats.

Not Anymore as MyDelifresh is here to help in feeding your mind with new interesting food led ideas.

We are packed full of outrageous ideas just lurking ready to explode minds all around.

Discovery Corner exists to do just that - Each week we will highlight 6 of the best ingredients on MyDelifresh with a link so you can add them to your basket. Plus give you the opportunity to watch a few videos for best cooking tips and so much more

How Amazing Is This???
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Wow, Wow, Wow

Looking for some different things you can do with a red cabbage???

Well check out this short video, get your BBQ ready as you will be trying this before you know it...

So Then What's Amazing

  • White asparagus
    White Asparagus

    The UK season is here, and this lovely white asparagus is grown by Wye Valley so make sure you order a couple of bunches to try...

    It holds a bitter flavour compared to our local green variety but is fantastic on the BBQ, pickled or even boiled and buttered with a juicy pork chop.

    From field to fork delivered to your door by MyDelifresh – How EXCITING!

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    Bunched Carrots - £1.55 x Large Bunch

    These bunched carrots will remind you of when you may have grown them in the garden as they come with the tops on them.

    Plucked straight from the farm and direct to your door they are so fresh the tops will be bouncing with joy.

    The actual tops of the carrot can be eaten and are amazing deep-fried and dusted with salt as a cheeky garnish to a weekend BBQ.

    Dont forget about the actual carrot though they are sweet and truly delightful.

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  • Broads 2
    Broad Beans

    New-season broad beans are here and waiting to be woke from their fluffy pod.

    Slip open the pod to reveal a super sweet broad bean which won't need peeling just eat it raw or quickly flash it in hot foaming butter - keep them away from boiling water they are far to tender for that.

    The UK season is not far away until then enjoy these as they are super tasty.

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Online 24 Hours For Orders & Inspiration

  • Shutterstock 1326751397
    Beef Brisket - £9.95 x 1kg

    Oh, My Word!!!

    Make sure you order a piece of this outstanding brisket get it sunk into a pan with red wine and stick and slowly braised for about 5 hours.

    Get the yorkies and roast potatoes at the ready - perfect for a any day treat...

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  • Shutterstock 372636670
    Rainbow Trout

    Rainbow trout is one of the finest freshwater fish you can buy - The texture is remarkable, and the flavour is totally immense.

    Gently grill or show it some hot flames but be quick as it doesn't take long to cook - buy some jersey royal potatoes and get the butter stuck in for a match made in heaven.

    Don't miss out on this most beautiful fish it is exceptionally AMAZING...

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  • Yorg 1
    Yorg Organic Yoghurt - Natural x £1.10 x 500ml

    This is the most outstanding yoghurt on the PLANET...

    Hand created by Stamfrey Farm this beautiful organic yoghurt is full of probiotics and organic milk which makes it super tasty.

    Great to just drink for breakfast but perfect to go on your granola, into your curry or anywhere you may use yoghurt.

    Give the bottle a shake and enjoy - They also do a raspberry flavour - WOW

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Orange Salad Anyone ??

**Here's How**

2 x Oranges – peeled
2 x Sprigs of Fresh Mint
3 x Tbsp Feta Cheese
2 x Tbsp Walnuts – chopped

Citrus Vinaigrette :
2 x Tbsp Olive Oil
Juice from 1 Orange
1 x Tsp Honey
1 x Tsp Fresh Lemon juice

**This is so easy it's CRAZY**

Slice the oranges into nice chunky slices into a bowl with the sliced mint
Mix all the vinaigrette ingredients together and drizzle over the oranges.
Place the oranges on a plate, sprinkle over the chopped walnuts and crumbled feta cheese
Drizzle a bit more dressing over and enjoy - The combination of flavours will most definitely bring a smile to your face.

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