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What A Summer!!!

Well, what a Summer it has been !!!! Mother Nature has most definitely hit us with a summer season not to forget.

One thing though it's not over yet, we still have a few weeks until Autumn arrives but the stress upon the land has been severe. Next time you are out walking the rabbit (really??) take a peek into the trees and take note of the conker trees.

For a few weeks now these gigantic umbrella-shaped leaves have been turning brown as the juices through the veins of the leaf are being blocked. Mr Conker simply wants to drop his low hanging bombs and go to sleep as he has had a stressful time this year and needs a rest.

We often forget about the wild and the effects that severe weather can have on such a delicate landscape.

This year hasn’t been pleasant for the soil and we will most definitely be seeing effects of this long summer for some time yet. Keep your eyes peeled to our Watch Out zone as we will always inform you of anything to avoid that coming week and beyond.

It's not all doom and gloom though as the bees have been happily buzzing across the land - just you wait to taste the most sophisticated heather honey crop we may have ever seen !!!!

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