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The Return Of The Wild !!!

Awesome news as James is out this week starting to TAP the almighty Silver Birch for the seasonal sap extraction.

Keep your eyes peeled to the Totally Wild corner to see the wild become available as the weeks progress.

First Out Of The Blocks - Wild Garlic
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New Wild Flavours Added Every Week...

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    Wild Garlic Leaf

    It's back, the first sighting of wild garlic was a few weeks back and slow growth has continued.

    As long as the weather remains nice we should see the most seasonal and potent leaf on the planet make a return in abundance very soon.

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    Fresh Nettles

    Your stinging friend is back for another inspirational season.

    The young leaves are perfect to create loads of things with - have you ever tried to cook them like spinach or put them through a risotto ???

    Available from Thursday...

  • Shutterstock 793229431
    Mixed Sea Vegetables

    With James off to the coast every week we thought it would be a most awesome idea if you could sample the best the week has to offer in an affordable mixed selection.

    This week the mixed salty flavours include sea beet, sea coriander, sea purslane and more have been picked in a secret location packed with love and ready to excite.

    These totally affordable and totally wild sea infused mixture of vegetables should be investigated.

  • Shutterstock 181631612
    Oak Moss

    One of the slowest growing items in this section oakmoss often referred to as reindeer moss is available once again.

    James has a secret location where the moss is growing on a fallen tree enabling him to pick as you cant pick Oak Moss from a living tree !!!

    There are limited areas of growth in the UK & James has one especially for us - Get it cleaned, deep fried for some MOSSY ACTION

  • Shutterstock 1023249940
    Forgers Leaf

    James has been busy in the woods over the last few weeks sniffing out all the fennel blossom he could find. He has picked enough to keep us going for a few months of this almighty fennel pollen.

    The pollen is dried then ground with added blossom and wild spice to give you a dust that will send your senses into overdrive.

    Get a few pots in – it lasts for over a year but once its all sold there won't be any until next year get yours now to avoid disappointment.

  • Shutterstock 1039690894
    Sweet Cicely Syrup

    Well what can we say about this most glorious concoction apart from its totally outstanding?

    This syrup has an ability to hold the plate well and is packed with that delicate aniseed touch that will send your cells into overdrive.

    Totally exclusive and Totally Wild, James you have most definitely created one of the best syrups ever !!!!

  • Shutterstock 11614106441
    Pine - Douglas

    Foraged pine is a flavour that if you haven’t had the opportunity to use before you must give it a go.

    Some infuse through stock, cream or dehydrate and grind, create a sorbet or even a syrup. A very simple method to get a radical result is to simply use it sat under a roasting joint of beef.

    As the heat penetrates the spruce you can smell it's deep notes as it smoulders whilst roasting in the oven.

  • Shutterstock 703014676
    Dandelion Syrup

    Wild dandelion has been picked, steeped and turned into this magical sticky syrup which at first thoughts may seem a tad crazy but give it a taste!!!

    The syrup will hold the plate and bring excitement to all it touches, great for a drizzled garnish, squeezed into your sauce or used to baste your meat - oh wow just think about that for a second.

  • Shutterstock 645752863
    Elderflower Syrup

    You will have noticed that there is no elderflower at the moment and that floral flavour is lost until at least June.

    Well, don’t shed a tear just yet as James has collected a massive 400kg of flowers last season and turned them into a truly outstanding syrup. This awesome floral syrup holds the plate and perfect for desserts and many other things - you need to give it a try.

More Wild Flavours Arriving Next Week - Sea Radish Anyone ???

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Sweet Ciceley Flower And Seed
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Wild Garlic On Mass Spring
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