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With spring just around the corner, things are hotting up as flavours are starting to come through fast.

The past week has been amazing and this arriving week is going to be even more exciting as new flavours arrive every day.

The time has come to excite your senses and Become Inspired...

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So Then What’s Totally Radical This Week ??

  • Atsina
    **New** Micro Atsina Leaf (Aniseed)
  • Shutterstock 292694849
    **New Season** Jersey Royals
  • Strawberry Gariguette X2Kg 15 03 17
    Marmandise Gariguette **Pre Order**
  • Shutterstock 296157707
  • Shutterstock 189610820
    Wild Garlic
  • Dav 3551
    Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb
  • Shutterstock 668356288
    Fresh Bergamot
  • Shutterstock 11262855471
    Monks Beard
  • Shutterstock 1017744916
    Cima Di Rapa
  • Shutterstock 5284478261
    Cavelo Nero
  • Shutterstock 708021202
    Broccoli Cress
  • Shutterstock 780944302
    Graffiti Aubergine

What's All This About ??

With the mushroom world hotting up we are seeing some amazing mushrooms at the moment and we need to share some mushroom vibes

Come back weekly to find out whats the best for the week ahead...

Shrove Tuesday

This Tuesday brings exciting times to all that enjoy a cheeky pancake...

Just thinking about this extremely easy to make batter mix, the fact you could generate some amazing GP if you get creative getting the specials board flooded excites many.

Below is a list of pancake infused toppings you may be able to use - You could even feed the staff as everyone likes a pancake and their creation is ULTRA CHEAP.

Here are some flavours that may help tick your cells over.

Why Not Try Something Ultra-Special ??

There Is Lots To Try...

  • 0 Jep7799 2
    Burford Brown Eggs
  • Shutterstock 524461129
    Big Tom Drink
  • Shutterstock 1310676224
    Frozen Grated Wasabi
  • Shutterstock 710868907
    Yorkshire Rhubarb Jam
  • Shutterstock 556712461
    Wild Flower Honey
  • Shutterstock 1252437349
    Tortilla Chips

Its Simple To Find Your Way Around

Select the section thats makes your eyes twitch with excitment and enjoy - Remember there is lots to explore...