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The Welcome

For those new to Delifresh, we welcome you into our family of food infused followers - We exist to educate, source and supply the finest of flavours that our native lands hold along with delicacies from afar.

We hold a following of dedicated chefs who we inspire & supply to every day so they can cook alongside the season with ultimate perfection.

With the launch of MyDelifresh, you are now part of our food infused community and although difficult times for all have struck, there are countless people stuck at home along with chefs who still need their inspirational news - So here it is (How Exciting!)

This past two weeks we opened up our catalogue of flavours for our wider community to capture as difficult times left many without food or supply.

There is no doubt this was a challenge for many as huge demand hit with many elderly & vulnerable people along with whole families left without food as the retail world crippled with demand.

We instantly decided to help by quickly designing MyDelifresh, enabling supply to doorsteps across the north - Within the last 14 days we have adapted our systems and operational methods and the Delifresh chariots can now be found on pretty much every street in our glorious area!

If you are reading this you may have already had a delivery, you might be excited to receive yours, or your a dedicated chef sat at home making sourdough to pass the time - either way, we thought it would be great to offer an update as to what fantastic food you could get involved in while in lockdown.

The below pages hold awesome facts about food, discount codes from our trusty friend Golden Delboy, competitions to win 25% off your order, soup ideas and more - Just glide your eyes below to investigate all the areas of the Refresh!

One thing to note before you glide away - Although we are all facing difficult times, food is the fuel, sustenance & inspiration which drives togetherness for all, so take a few minutes out, sit back, grab a mug of Yorkshire Tea and read your MyDelifresh Refresh - It's here especially for you...

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