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What's All This About Then ???

With so much seasonal information landing daily it's easy to forget about the staple ingredients that remain consistent and ultra amazing.

Flavours come and then zip away for another year as we continually hunt for inspiration - but sometimes the bigger fairy dust wins are from those core ingredients which wait patiently for your engagement.

Forget Me Not is here to give those much-loved flavours the showcase they so very deserve.

Come back every week as three more core flavours will land in here to hopefully spark some alternative interest.

The Time Has Come To SHOUT From The Hills...
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Let's Reignite Those Flavours...

  • Hendersons
    Hendersons Relish
  • Shutterstock 46157395
    Pickled Walnuts
  • Shutterstock 7232823731
    Pickled Girolles
  • Shutterstock 2973143751
  • Shutterstock 3163888
    Digestive Biscuits
  • Shutterstock 1176625810
    Pearled Spelt
  • Shutterstock 257052193
    Balsamic Onioins
  • Shutterstock 270746819
    Peanut Butter
  • Shutterstock 316289903
    Mini Cornichons

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