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We Are Off !!!

The ever-changing flavours are rapidly gathering pace as we see Summer approaching.

Over the next few weeks, we will all be inundated with new options so much so you may struggle to keep up.

Your Refresh is here as a point of reference throughout the week so you can keep your cells inspired as to whats most awesome for the week ahead.

Glide back often and excite your team with something new

The Time Has Come To Be Inspired
Evfdb Qer

So Then What’s Totally Awesome This Week ??

  • Shutterstock 103527248
    Yorkshire Asparagus - Richard Morrit
  • Gerry
    LED Tomatoes - ARE BACK!!!
  • Shutterstock 1111351781
    Fresh Peas
  • Shutterstock 160843121
    Fresh Broad Beans
  • Shutterstock 647022712
    Wet Garlic
  • Shutterstock 483237556
    Fresh Bladder Wrack Seaweed
  • Shutterstock 1024105181
    White Asparagus
  • Shutterstock 471557786
    Finger Limes - Pre-Order
  • Shutterstock 1357770344
    Golden Plum
  • Shutterstock 2669529171
    Wild Garlic
  • Shutterstock 559935778
    Silver Skin Onions
  • Shutterstock 656783443
    Breakfast Radish

What's All This About ??

With the mushroom world hotting up we are seeing some amazing mushrooms at the moment and we need to share some mushroom vibes

Come back weekly to find out whats the best for the week ahead...

  • Lifestyle Truffle Gloucester 2
    Double Gloucester - Truffle Cheese
  • Shutterstock 360481913
    Bath Pig Chorizo
  • Shutterstock 111268904
    Fig Jam - Bracken Hill
  • Shutterstock 663909064
    Charcoal Powder
  • Game T
    Game Terrine
  • Shutterstock 134604722
    Gas Charger

Smoked Cheese

Smoked cheese can often be overlooked as that twang of smoke can offer a distinctive edge like nothing else.

If you are looking for a different edge to your cheese board or want to add a hint of smoke into your cooked creations then just take your pick from the list of smokey options below.

All In Stock & Ready For Action....

Its Simple To Find Your Way Around

Select the section thats makes your eyes twitch with excitment and enjoy - Remember there is lots to explore...