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Sometimes it’s difficult to be sure if you are utilising the best options when it comes to your side dishes and core garnish needs.

This section will simply highlight 3 core flavours every week which are in abundance and at their best value for the week ahead.

It’s time to see what the GP fairy is conjuring up this coming week.
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    Swede **In Stock**

    We should never forget the trusty swede.

    Some turn their noses around the flavour profile of what some class as a total commodity, but by taking a step back you can start to see the many uses and the money something so beautiful can actually save you.

    Don’t be that person bad mouthing the swede, investigate its so many uses and reap the financial benefit and praise from your guests as you celebrate its existence.

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    Satsuma **In Stock**

    With a changeover in season, Satsuma is back for another seasonal appearance.

    The Spanish crop has started to arrive and those sweet and tangy flavour notes are remarkable.

    Before we all start to get excited about a leafy option we need to be patient for a couple of weeks but until then the loose Satsuma is definitely one for the fruit bowl.

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    Jalapeno **In Stock**

    Whilst browsing the fridges the other day the shiny jalapeno caught our attention.

    The bullet chilli known to some holds a truly remarkable flavour with sweet notes but be aware they hold a kick that could shock your senses!!!

    Within the next few weeks, we will start to see the crack lines appear on the fruit which will bring even more heat to this little fiery fella.

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