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Inspirational Madness !!!

You either love these red beauties or simply detest their unique but truly exciting flavour Tthis is a tad cryptic!!!)

The time has arrived to find out all you may ever need to know about the most versatile berry on the planet.

Stand tall and welcome the festive cranberry!!!!

Some think Cranberries grow underwater well look at this: They Don’t - Shocked ?? Read On...

Cranberries grow on low-level vines in Wetlands in North America where the land is acidic, sandy and harsh.

They hide out in beds layered with sand, gravel, clay, and peat, these sunken beds are called bogs.

The trailing vines blossom in late May which lasts for a very short ten days then the berry starts to form.

Cranberry plants age exceptionally well! It’s possible to find 100-year-old vines that are still producing cranberries (wow)

Farmers open the floodgates to the bogs twice each year — first flooding in December, which protects the dormant cranberry plants from very harsh winter conditions.
Then they flood the bogs again during the following October once the fruit is ripe and ready.

Due to air pockets in each berry, the fruit floats to the surface, the farmer then floats by and corral the fruit then load it onto trucks. This process is called a deep wet harvest.

Get this only 5% of a whopping 348,358,940.16 kilos of fruit is sold fresh the rest is made into juice, cranberry sauce and all things nice (wowza)

Cranberry juice contains a chemical that blocks pathogens that cause tooth decay - make sure you get drinking!!

Cranberries were initially used to cure meat, heal wounds, and dye fabric...

The development of cultivated varieties cranberries occurred only during the past 100 years, making it one of the most recently domesticated fruit crops.

Sailors began taking cranberries aboard ships for whaling expeditions and the long journeys to China (cranberries are high in vitamin C and prevent scurvy).

How radical is all of that - WATCH THE VIDEO??

Check This Out !!!!

This 5-minute video will open your mind to all things Cranberry.

Give it a watch it is truly amazing.

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