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Next time you are out in the wild just take a look at the nature around you as things are suddenly going to get exciting.

The emerging season can easily be seen as the trees are starting to bud up and bulge as Mother Nature waits patiently to erupt and offer some radical flavours.

Spring is most definitely waiting to unleash excitement for all to enjoy - Let's just hope it doesn't snow !!!

How Exciting Is This ???
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New Section: Totally Wild Is Back!!!

Big Changes

Your weekly Refresh is nearly one year of age and your continued commitment is fantastic to feel.

This is a tool designed for your senses, its built to be proactive and a great source of inspiration for your team at the touch of a button no matter where you are.

Things are going to change shortly as we continue to invest and develop this magical tool to make it more visual, interactive & addictive than ever before.

The first significant change arrives next week as you may not receive your usual weekly Refresh on Saturday afternoon anymore as we are changing the launch date to every Wednesday - If you agree that is!!!

If you still want to see the weekly arrival on a Saturday, simply let us know on the form below.

So unless the world speaks up expect to see the next edition launch on Wednesday 20th February.

This is your tool so have your say and help carve its weekly creation...

What Day Is Best For You???

So Then, What Are You Waiting For ??? Take A Look Around...

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For those that have glided into our pages stumbling upon our vibes, you can sign yourslef up to receive a little nudge everytime a new version of the refresh becomes alive.

Slide your eyes down the menu below and tap Sign Up - Insert your details and sit back and let the refresh come to you every week.

Never miss when the Refresh Is born ever again - How great is that!!!
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