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Inspirational Sprout Madness !!!

They are inbound to many kitchens so we thought we should all take the time to find out some cheeky facts around the most hated of vegetables by many across the land at this time of year.

You either love them or hate them and if you do dislike there is simply no getting away from these tight textured most sophisticated veggies at this time of year.

The time has come to find out all we may ever need to know about Brussel Sprouts.

Brussel Sprouts are a major part of the fresh produce world at this time of year, and with an annual spend on sprouts going over £680,000,000 you can see why (Wow)

The cheeky sprout contains very high levels of vitamins A & C, folic acid and fibre. Plus they can really help protect your body against colon and stomach cancer!!!

There isn't just one variety of sprout – there are way over 100 different varieties. Albarus, Brodie and Kryptus are the most common due to being bred for their inner beauty.

Some people find sprouts more offensive than others this is due to a gene that random people hold TAS2R38, this makes Brussels sprouts and other cabbages taste extremely bitter on thier buds.

Overcooking the trusty Brussels sprouts produce a sulfur-like smell, Don’t be tempted to triple blanch them in the same water as there is nothing worse than sprout water !!!!

Brussels sprouts were extremely popular back in the 16th century over in Belgium, whose capital city is — wait for it — Brussels !!!

With over 46 pests and diseases that are attracted to the Brussel Sprout makes them pretty much impossible to grow as a organic crop here in the UK

The world record for how many sprouts you can SWALLOW in a minute is 31 (we know a man who could probably beat that – Do You ???)

How radical is all of that ??

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