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Inspirational Onion Madness !!!

The time has come to find all the facts you may ever need around the existence of the most radical of vegetables the trusty onion.

Cultivation of onion is thought to have begun in Asia around 3500 B.C. However, wild onions grow on nearly every continent.

In old folklore, the thickness of an onion skin can help predict the severity of the winter. Thin skin predicts a mild winter while a thick skin indicates a rough winter is inbound to better check the thickness of the new season skins !!!

Sulfuric compounds in the onion are what makes your eyes tear when cutting onions. To cut down on the crying, chill the onion and cut into the root end of the onion last.

You can also run water while cutting an onion or drink some white wine vinegar before taking the knife to the skin !!! (you can do that first)

During the American Civil War, an onion shortage prompted, General Ulysses S. Grant, to send a telegram to the War Department, "I will not move my army without onions." He was immediately shipped three train cars full of onions. In addition to using onions to spice up meals, it was believed the onion had antiseptic properties that could treat wounds.

Egyptians love a trusty onion so much so it was used as an object of worship due to the fact they saw them as eternal life. The thick-skinned onion presented a awesome anatomy containing circle after circle of flesh representing longevity.

They loved them so much they tossed them into the tombs of loved ones to maintain their existence forever.

Yellow onions make up more than 75% of the world's production of onions.

Legend holds tales of a poor young Egyptian chap called Imhotep - Skint Imhot was so broke he had reached the end of the track and the only thing left was to stray to a life of showcase to raise funds to see him by.

Imhot became a bit of a showman showing off his skilful feet as he danced on the hot sand with rapid speed.

Word spread fast of Imhot's talent as followers came far and wide to watch this true shuffling talent. The red hot sand didn't do any favours to poor Imhot's feet and soon the tricky toenail rot set in...

Soon Imhot was crippled as the toenail disease became so painful his dancing career was finished.

One deep night his cells sparked interest and he grabbed an onion in a panic - He proceeded to rub it all over his feet even though it stung he carried on watery-eyed & extremely tired.

Early morning arrived and Imhot sparked out of bed with great excitement to find his feet cured. The trusty onion became Imhot's addiction and soon he changed his name to Allium Cepa

You can rub onions on your feet if you have a nasty infection it will firstly warm your feet and kill the nasties that are lurking.

How radical is all of that ??

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