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New Opening

Last week saw a fantastic new opening in Sheffield

Konjo @ Cutlery Works Sheffield opened and already is making waves across the city as Fire Fuelled Flavour floods from the Robatayaki Kitchen

Quite simply tasty, quality food cooked over fire presenting outstanding standards and seasonal flair.

It's incredible to support such a fantastic team as they venture into their second opening - If you are ever in the area make sure you drop by to become inspired and witness excellent skilled cooked food in such a creative atmosphere.


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Have You Ever???

In a new series Hunter and Gatherer, MUNCHIES joins Stephanie Mutz, a Santa Barbara sea urchin diver as she dives deep for California gold.

They follow her as she delivers her prized bounty straight from the sea to the city’s best chefs and her curious customers at the Dory Fleet Market in Newport Beach.

It’s time to crack open a few—that is if you’ve acquired a taste for it.

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