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Over The Hill...

This time of year is renowned for reminiscing but also packed full of future thoughts - One thing for sure once January arrives you will be thrust into a magical season with long based flavours, robust textures and almighty fresh produce options that will no doubt blow your mind.

The run-up to Christmas is most definitely a crazy busy time, and now we are over the hill get ready as January is inbound - In fact, you may even be sat reading this in 2020.

This year is set to bring severe excitement as we have a lot of change planned to bring you closer to Delifresh but most importantly the seasons which come to visit continuously.

Happy New Year to all our Refresh followers...

How Exciting...
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Festive Competition Result...

Did you enter the festive refresh competition last week ???

If so watch the video to see if you are a lucky winner -

Enjoy The Glide