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To make things easier in here we have now cut the products down into sections to make your gliding to the part you most need even better.

The section at the top will highlight newly added options then cut into Vegan, Gluten Free etc

Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Shellfish, Pollen, Nut, Kiwi, Egg, Garlic, Soya Allergies the list goes on and on around what our food can and not contain.

This explosion of requirements makes our work as creative culinarians extremely difficult.

One thing we should all note though is although it can be cumbersome and difficult a true allergy, intolerance or diet can be extremely difficult to manage.

Welcome To Born Free...

How exciting is this???
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So then what should we be using to help with any dietary needs

The below list is updated weekly so you have a great ref point when you need it most.

How Perfect Is This ???
  • Shutterstock 237556696
    Linguini Pasta - Gluten Free

    You could be shocked when you actually drop this dried pasta into a rolling pan of salted water as the results are awesome.

    So much so you may never go back to gluten-based pasta every again!!!

    Linguini at this time of year is a total winner with all those fresh flavours arriving that work so well you must give it a try - Morel & Wild Garlic Linguini, anyone

  • Capture1223
    Hazelnut & Rose Ice - Vegan

    If you are hunting for ice that will be ready if you have any dietary requirements arrive without warning then this rose infused option is a total winner.

    Created by the sophisticated bunch over at Northern Bloc this flavoursome number is a masterpiece.

    Once tasted you may never go back to using a diary based ice cream again - (Now there's a bold statement!!!)

  • Shutterstock 713724547
    Fusilli Pasta - Gluten Free

    Another pasta creation that will save the day if you can't eat gluten

    This deeply shaped pasta cooks to hold the sauce and its a great addition to the dry store just in case you need some spiral pasta action in your day.

    Its a gluten-free fusilli pasta festival, buy a few bags today - They may save the day

  • Shutterstock 299541704
    Spicy Bean Burger - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 1010105302
    Almond Breeze Milk - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 250649062
    Vegetable Crisps - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 406820941
    Tahini - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 721345894
    Soya Milk - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 385957750
    Freekah Grain - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 257285275
    100% Pure Coconut Oil - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 439356928
    Beetroot Juice - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 1156963108
    Kamut Wheat - Vegan
  • Egg R
    Easy Egg Replacer - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 255086770
    Cheddar Sheese - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 298771457
    Smoked Tofu - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 519301237
    Minor Figures Barrista Oat M*lk (Foamable) - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 644261848
    Grated Mozzarella Style Cheese - Vegan
  • Vegan Peanut Chip Vs
    Peanut Chip Ice Cream - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 678365641
    Whipping Cream - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 3054213
    Tinned Jack Fruit - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 261107618
    Vanilla Ice Cream - Vegan
  • Capture1223
    Hazelnut & Rose Ice Cream - Vegan
  • Shutterstock 499595629
    Oat Cakes - Gluten Free
  • Shutterstock 708660100
    Soya Sauce - Gluten Free
  • Shutterstock 386897368
    Granola - Gluten Free
  • Shutterstock 580421971
    Fruit Scones - Gluten Free
  • Shutterstock 792166984
    Rolled Oats - Gluten Free
  • 730 01 Gf 5 Cm Neutre 0
    Neutral Tartlets - Gluten Free
  • Shutterstock 1153039268
    Sliced White Bread - Gluten Free
  • Shutterstock 529813606
    Bicarbonate of Soda - Gluten Free
  • Shutterstock 190927763
    Linguine - Gluten Free

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