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It's Back...

Welcome to another edition of MyRefresh.

The sun is shining today, which will bring happy faces but also fantastic growing conditions for all the northern crops which are getting ready for fruit.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen outstanding strawberries, asparagus both green and white, cavelo nero and lots of other seasonal flavours arrive (who tried those excellent tomatoes from our friends in the Isle of Wight)

This next couple of weeks we will see even more excitement as the intriguing garlic scapes arrive along with a host of other interesting and truly tasty treats.

MyDelifresh is here to deliver food to your door but also inspire making sure you can try something truly different that you cant find in the shops.

The range continues to build, our passion and love for food is extremely strong so make sure you log into MyDelifresh often and try something super seasonal and totally new (yellow beans anyone)

Any Links Clicked Will Open A New Window Into MyDelifresh - Just Flip Tabs To Get Back.
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**MYDelifresh Day**

Our customer's satisfaction is extremely important to our team and for the past 11 weeks in which the Mydelifresh service has been running, we have developed new systems to ensure you have the most amazing experience when you shop with us.

A new addition this week is that you will now be informed of our delivery time 24hours before your MyDelifresh Day arrives and also be able to book future slots.

The day the delifresh van rolls onto your street is an exciting time for both you and your neighbours and now you don't have to wait in all day as our cheeky email will give your delivery window for your address.

To make it even more exciting we will send another email when we are an hour away just to make everyone even more happy - How Exciting is This ???

If you look forward to your MyDelifresh day and can't contain the excitement make sure you let us know on social media.

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