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Preserved to perfection

We host a dazzling range or preserved options from Pucci; Roasted Peppers glistening in oil which enhances their stunning colours followed by roasted artichoke hearts that are ready to excite. Roasted aubergines and courgettes, preserved in oils and wine vinegars, bold striking colours, silently offering you the chance to create a masterpiece around them.

We also have offerings from food legends, balsamic onions, proud and confident of their place in the food hierarchy, semi roast tomatoes, smouldering in the knowledge they cannot be resisted and finally to top it all, outstanding infused Griottine. Elegance personified, perfectly graded, irresistibly tasty plump Morello Cherries, nestling in their jar while the waves of an ocean of the finest Kirsh lap at them gently.

You have to believe us the diverse range on offer is fantastic

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“"The support Delifresh have given Latua Pasta is out of this world,"”

Francesco - Latua Pasta
  • Tortelloni Beetroot 2
  • Handmade4
  • Gb2 Pasta
  • Op995 Mixed Pitted
  • Gb2 Pasta2
  • Gb2 Pasta3
  • Gb2 Quince
  • Gb2 Pasta4