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Inspirational Kohl Rabi Madness !!!

Now, this is interesting as this mysterious item is shrouded in mystery, let's take a couple of minutes to find out more around this crazy looking fella...

Some say it’s a root vegetable, some even think it’s a fruit!! In fact, Kohlrabi is neither - it’s not a root vegetable or a fruit it is, in fact, a cruciferous plant the edible part of the plant is the bulbous modified stem which grows above the ground.

This alien in form plant is, in fact, part of the cabbage family and it's very close cousin is the hardy cannonball cabbage.

There are two main varieties of kohlrabi: white (light-green coloured) and purple. Colour of the cultivar refers to the colour of the stem (skin on the surface). All varieties of kohlrabi have creamy-white flesh (regardless of the colour of the skin).

Name "kohlrabi" originates from German words: "kohl" which means "cabbage" and "rube" which means "turnip".

The outer skin of the kohl rabi is, in fact, the toughened dry leaves of early growth this should always be peeled back to reveal the crisp fresh awesome flesh.

Don’t bin the leaves these hold magical properties and taste great cooked in butter !!

Kohlrabi contains substances that can prevent the development of certain types of cancer, even if eaten on sporadic occasions.

Nobody really knows where or how the kohlrabi was first discovered some say it has been created from wild cabbage strains mutating over the years to produce this most random of items but some German legends hold tales of meteor storms on a clear April evening many centuries ago.

A trusty girl called Rabi Herkle was sat in a tree watching in ore the almighty storm when all of a sudden a shooting star broke away from the storm and landed with a whollop in her field. The instant fire erupted as the falling rock hit the land and total devastation occurred.

A few days later Herkle went to investigate to find a burnt and shrivelled land, her eyes soon caught a glimpse of a lonesome green seedling amongst all the devastation.

Somewhat Intrigued Herkle snaffled the seedling and nurtured it for many weeks and all of sudden was presented with an almighty weird-looking kohlrabi plant.

Upon peeling back the toughened skin she fell in love with the sweet and apple-like inner beauty - The arrival of the first kohlrabi was witnessed.

If this legend is true did the crazy kohl rabi actually come from an alien land?? (Who knows – Wowza)

How radical is all of that ??

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