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Do You Hold News???

The Chefs News section of your weekly refresh appears in front of a whopping 2000 eyes every week!!!

If you hold news you want us to share with the trade and beyond them simply upload it below and we will showcase it to the world.

We are not going to lie but we have received some crazy things through this upload form so be semi-professional where possible.

If your news tickles our senses we will showcase it on the following weeks Refresh and we will gift you for sharing - Chefs Knive Anyone??

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If You Have News You Want Us To Share Get In Touch...

Really ???

We know its a while off, but as we are busy putting our final touches to some festive ideas, especially for you. Thoughts of mince pies, puddings, fondants thoughts arrived, and we thought it would be good to ask if there is anything special you may like to see on offer during Christmas 2019.

Simply write us a little festive note below with any ideas you may have, and we will reward you with a free box of mince pies in December!!!

Angel Hair Candy

Not much to say about this so just sit back and watch something truly outstanding...

Its Simple To Find Your Way Around

What Else Takes Your Fancy??