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Week Comm: 02/02

The Day After Tomorow

Another week has slipped by without warning, that's another seven days in which we all had the opportunity to mark with rewarding thought, another 168 hours which we will simply never see again.

How was your time - Did you laugh, smile, taste something never sampled before, bring joy to all around ???

There is no doubt that if your not careful those hours slip by without notice, and suddenly you are staring at another week approaching with rapid speed.

Every existence has precisely the same amount of time it doesn't matter if your a chef, accountant, bus driver, inventor even a frog trainer we simply all have the same amount of seconds to perform within.

We are sure your ears have heard the words Chef I simply don't have enough time !!! just take a second to think as to how many times you may have listened to this over the last seven days.

Time is no doubt a mysterious place to investigate, and it's not the length or lack off, which is the problem - its the mindset and skill in managing it to its full.

Capturing time and making it work for you is a skill a lot of creative minds hold. It may not have arrived until later on in your life but once triggered, the great reward can follow.

The kitchen is a busy environment to utilise your creative thoughts in. The hours are long, the dedication and passion for food are super sharp.

Thinking for the day ahead creates a reactive pace - is that right ??? who knows but if you continuously hunt to make it through the day what's coming at you tomorrow??

The present is a generous place for some but that day after tomorrow which is waiting for you is a far more rewarding place to investigate.

Create those memories in the present day but utilise that futuristic skill to compile projected thought, thinking BIG can most definitely bring fantastic result.

Read into the above what you will, and although pretty cryptic it's packed with voice which many ears will hear loud and clear.

Thoughts For The Work Ahead:
Your limitation is simply your imagination...

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Week Comm: 26/01

The Infection

Have you ever been in that cryptic situation where you instantly think up an idea which is purely magical? Maybe it’s a flavour combination, a new dish or some life-changing concept for your team.

This instantaneous thought often develops over time nestled deep away until just the right time to pounce to the forefront of mind and bingo suddenly appears with shock.

These ideas are often the best and more than not; although we don’t really realise the most thought through as subconsiocly, you could have been working on it for ages.

Wow, how awesome – so much so we could type about this for some time – Don’t panic though we will refrain but circumstance hit this week as we glided through the amazing engine room here @ Delifresh.

As chefs holding the ability to be so close to many unusual ingredients every second of our lives often brings that little space where you don’t take time to look at all the sheer beauty around in the detail it deserves.

We have been in the kitchen where after filleting 200 seabass, the next to arrive is just a task – you don’t notice those bold gills, the firm flesh and most beautiful colour across the fish – Its sad in some ways but something repetitive can easily blend into one.

This past week as we glided the fridge showcasing all amazing I watched in great detail as our goods in team embraced a new delivery of fantastic offerings which had travelled from southern Spain.

The excitement was immense as the team worked through the delivery, making sure our back door intake checks occurred with greatest of effect.

Smiles, passion and most intense thought happened without prompt. It's natural to take items for granted, but when you are genuinely connected to your trade, the smallest of things excite senses bringing joy and happiness to all around even when they turn up daily.

Next time something as simple as a punnet of mustard cress or even a trusty tomato lands on the pass just step back and witness its visual appeal – how much do you actually understand about what's in front of you ??

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find out all there is to know so you could extract maximum effect from your new reborn friend?
Where is this going we hear your brain tick – just soak up the thoughts as it may all become clear in a few weeks

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that’s were we end this week…..

Thoughts For the Week Ahead:
Try To Be A Rainbow In Someones Cloud – Bright Colourful Ideas Most Always Excite…

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Week Comm: 19/01

Emotional Intelligence

This week has been a deep thinking period, we waved goodbye to someone close to our soul as they moved to that place where the lost things go.

Not disappeared just merely out of sight for the time being - An emotional gathering but the celebration of life was strong.

Illness also increased amongst a close fallen warrior who gave his energy for many years to the craft of his trade. Personality still shines even though the body is weak our combined thoughts send strong LOVE to the family.

Sometimes the dedication and passion we hold blinkers view of those extremely close people to our lives - Our skill to develop is often too late as realism hits. We mark these thoughts with regret but learn with imminent change.

We all have oppertunity to listen - Late one evening a discussion around this deep skill happened which pricked thoughts, and since this point, we haven't been able to stop investigating.

The art of listening is gifted to all, but everybody treats this cryptic skill totally different to others - Some pretend they are listening, some listen with enthusiasm, some hold intense gaze as they divulge words, others simply don't hear as words hit and their minds hatch other plans - the list goes on and on.

The ability to hold a great listening plan is a super-strong craft that once gained is immense.

Emotional Intelligence these words may not mean much but hold great power and its not just a simple listening trait. combining the tools that make up these two words can easily change life.

Social & self-awareness brings a mapping of being able to witness and change position depending on the event - the great PAUSE is a skill which holds tongue until just that right moment - Empathy is a strong tool enabling you to cryptically understand the voice and gather feeling - Self-awareness - Self-regulation the list goes on & on.

Many parts make up this area of sophistication you don't have to master all as just holding a few will create noticeable change.

Some may say you can't teach these imperative parts you are born with what you hold - This can only be false as all it takes is awareness to offer change bringing greater things to open minds.

With such skilled listening ability, guidance, and obtaining the best result in every occasion is completely possible - We all hold the ability to listen but how good are you at using yours???

I think we are going to leave this right here else we will still be typing this next week with extremely sore fingers.

Read into the above what you will but why not try and witness yourself listening this next week - Do you need to change ???

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago - Life is memory make sure you make plenty. (VC)

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Week Comm: 12/01

Rapid Eye Movement

Sleep is an essential part of every existence - How many of us take it for granted - How many push it to the limits deflecting sleep as your drive & dedication funnel your consciousness to be alert at all times.

Holding back, such a crucial task often brings long term consequences. We have all been there as those taken for granted duties stall senses and simply get in the way of our chef infused lives. #notimeforsleep!!!

Sleep deprivation isn't good for anyone especially for your most creative mind not even starting to think about your team - This week instance rattled our cells as hurt and neglect came to visit but unknown until two simple words hit our ears.

We won't go into too much detail as its probably far too deep to even explain but one alarming area We should all focus on is team welfare.

Arriving into the kitchen with tired bones brings frustration, possible mood swings, anger and last of patience - don't be fooled as there is no escaping a worn sole brings an unresponsive team.

As chefs, we are naturally creative leaders and if your reservoir is dry, the taps won't run leaving a deflated and often dry team lurking below. This scenario filters down through the people, and before you know it, your moody stance affects many.

Arrive into your creative lair with inspirational vigour, greet all with reflective voice, make the tea for all even if someone asks for green tea and share your personality so the people can feed off your positive food infused vibe.

Don't deprive yourself of something so fundamental to your existence and if you are even over creative while rapid eye movement occurs relax your time - the downtime is imperative for your performance and more than ever before your team's inspirational existence.

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
If one synchronised swimmer drowns, do all the rest have to drown too??? (Think About That One)

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Week Comm: 05/01

Time Hop

The arrival of the new year brings exciting times as new ideas, clean starts, and change of pattern drive many for change.

A new year brings new beginnings for many, but many promises fail upon the first occasion - This year, there is no way I'm going to be late home - I'm never going to use that sneaky shortcut of squeezing out the confit garlic I'm going to peel back the shell with care.

Whatever promises and commitments you make yourself don't let them fail at the first opportunity - easily typed than done!!!

Time is precious, cryptic, and a most mystical area of every being's existence; the words of obstructing action arrive many times throughout the day as people use lack of time as a simple excuse for many an instance.

We all know the exact time is offered to all, and it's the ability to manage which is the actual skill. Time hopping is an art not many hold but futurist thought can often be a visual occurrence for some.

Many chefs hold this skill coupled with taste awareness, so the creative flow can be more natural for some as dishes appear without even physical ingredients to hand.

This skill subjected to life outside the kitchen is rewarding but equally frustrating. Vision is spotted, belief is gained, and all of a sudden, that sporadic idea is a dreamed-up reality, although you are the only person who knows.

Showcasing this vision is a challenge as a confused manner is often found easily by those a million miles away from your mind - Bitter orange and Kohl Rabi anyone ??

The ideas flow, the visual occurrence is healthy and in most cases, negativity makes the mind stronger than ever before for complete success.

Although futurist thought is something held by many a chef, time is one frustration which rattles cells as often a time leach occurs - Chef look at this, Chef you tasted this, can you check this spreadsheet, this is broken please fix, what about that impromptu visit all of which suck time from beneath your smooth-running day.

Managing this removal is an ongoing curve of education, its easy to refrain becoming neglecting to those around but those who twist the moment making that spontaneous adaption to be more rewarding than ever are the true masters of getting reward from a leach.

Read into the above what you will, but we are sure these typed words touch many for those who see future flavours with ease. We are sure reading it twice you may even take more from the above WAFFLE as some call it...

Thoughts For The Week Ahead:
Today is the Only Day - Yesterday Is GONE - But what is exciting is the Future just about to land...

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