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Creative Additions

Adding that touch of magic to your creations is always fantastic to do - Whether its enhancing flavours, bonding textures, exploding particles or even giving you an option to ignite the Sosa & MSK range of ingredients are fascinating to use.

Some items often out of reach and equally some never used due to you simply not knowing about their existence.

Well, we are about to stop all of that as Hubble-Bubble is now here to ignite your creative cells and showcase the range to its full.

Every week we will highlight three new products with a brief description around their uses and also a cheeky video.

Once the page builds we will cut the items down into sections so you can glide back often as a reference guide - How exciting is all of this???

In a few weeks time, this page will be bubbling with information and be a completely radical guide which you can use forever more...

What Are You Waiting For ???
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Check This Out

Sodium acetate
Salt from the precipitation of acetic acid from vinegar.

Salt that causes an exothermic reaction through recrystallization, when it is previously dissolved in an aqueous liquid. Allowing to cook food slowly or instantaneously.
1 kg of Live Salt / 1 kg Aqueous liquid

Hot live salt
System suitable for long cooking or large pieces.
During the manufacturing procedure, protect hands and face with approved protective elements.
Heat the water or flavored liquid until it boils, add the salt to the water and mix until the salt dissolves. Boil until the temperature of 123ºC is reached.
Pour the hot mixture directly onto the item to be cooked. This technique allows us to make long cooking at high temperature.
It will take approximately 20 min to start recrystallizing, generally it holds the initial temperature up to 20 min depending on the container, volume used, room temperature and the piece to be cooked. Then the temperature will gradually decrease, and the cooking time can be extended as long as necessary to cook the piece.
At the time of removing the salt, manipulate with tools to avoid contact with the skin. Risk of burns.

What Else Have You Got Then ???

  • Shutterstock 258861632
    Milk Powder
  • Shutterstock 1190374204
    Freeze Dried Rose Buds
  • Shutterstock 70814131
    Freeze Dried Hibiscus Flower
  • Shutterstock 578941381
    Ultratex 3
  • Shutterstock 581603821
    Gelcrem Cold
  • Shutterstock 797393389
  • Shutterstock 220089820
    Agar Agar
  • Shutterstock 1265522170
    Veggie Gel
  • Sosa Gelburger Lg
    Gel Burger
  • Shutterstock 1425927086
    Xantham Gum
  • Shutterstock 1151253128
    Pro Pannacotta
  • Shutterstock 567112375
    Pectin Juane
  • Shutterstock 473473771
    Soy Lecithin
  • Shutterstock 307903952
    Pro Sorbet Cold 100
  • Shutterstock 1209442834
  • Shutterstock 522347242
  • Shutterstock 336088679
    Gelcrem - Hot
  • Shutterstock 1394726978
  • Shutterstock 684008467
  • Shutterstock 1055342471
    Pro - Espuma Hot
  • Shutterstock 1054589579
    Pro Souffle
  • Shutterstock 1039050211
    Rose Arome
  • So Fryglue0 5 Big
    Fry Glue
  • Sosa Airbag Tasters
    Air Bag Granite
  • Sosa Abflour Lg
    Air Bag Farina
  • Sosa
    Air bag - Potato
  • Shutterstock 368250875
    Lime Popping Candy
  • Pop
    Chocolate Popping Candy
  • Shutterstock 365250794
    Lime Sugar
  • Ugtuighiuhjkh
    Yoghurt Crispy
  • Shutterstock 749602894
    Antihumidity Icing Sugar
  • Gngdfn
    Inverted Sugar
  • Shutterstock 413403079
  • Shutterstock 288772295
    Powderd Smoke
  • Shutterstock 1209442834
    Pro Sorbet Cold 100
  • Shutterstock 724670773
    Refined Isomalt
  • Shutterstock 712089169
  • Shutterstock 318095525
  • Shutterstock 706881241
    Raspberry Powder
  • Shutterstock 434954017
    Beetroot Powder
  • Shutterstock 209899999
    Tomato Powder
  • Shutterstock 616077725
    Whole Freeze Dried Strawberry
  • Shutterstock 373423048
    Cheese Powder
  • Shutterstock 755531926
    Yellow Colouring Powder
  • Shutterstock 669750676
    Blue Colouring Powder
  • Shutterstock 289747496
    Red Colouring Powder
  • Shutterstock 341346587
    Green Powder
  • Shutterstock 667744714
    Red Powder
  • Shutterstock 557005978
    Lollipop Sticks
  • Shutterstock 713665408
    Black Powder

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