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Danieli Holdings

The inspirational team from Yolo, Stack & The Muddler who are all part of Danieli Holdings Group came to visit for the morning the other day.

The team ventured deep into our Newcastle engine room hunting out seasonal inspiration for their new menu development.

Notepads, High Vis and hair nets present they captured flavours and textures never seen before and once into our development kitchen seasonal creation soon arrived.

A MASSIVE thank you for taking the time to visit its always such a pleasure to showcase the season but when such a talented group of people get together watching and tasting some of your creative thoughts coming from the pans makes us go weak at the knees.

If you like the sound of this and want to spend some time in any of our kitchens get in touch, you will not be disappointed - Book Your Visit NOW!!!


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Really ???

We know its a while off, but as we are busy putting our final touches to some festive ideas, especially for you. Thoughts of mince pies, puddings, fondants thoughts arrived, and we thought it would be good to ask if there is anything special you may like to see on offer during Christmas 2019.

Simply write us a little festive note below with any ideas you may have, and we will reward you with a free box of mince pies in December!!!

Yes Please...

So simple, easy yet everyone forgets about these little fellas.

make sure you give them a try - they are PERFECT

Its Simple To Find Your Way Around

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