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Inspirational Lemon Madness !!!

Let's see how easy it is to send your cells into a cryptic overdrive as they try and untangle these fantastic juicy facts around something which makes you pull your cheeks in as its sour notes erupt on your taste buds!!

Lemon trees can produce up to 300 kilos of lemons in a year and they can grow to be up 20 feet tall – ( wowza)

Oil extracted from the lemon skin contains chemicals which repel insects. Because of that, lemon oil is used in the production of non-toxic insecticide.

Lemons can be used as a battery!! Dipping of electrodes into the flesh produces energy that is high enough to run a digital watch – anyone tried wiring them together??

Surprise: lemons are technically berries along with tomatoes and watermelons (oh my word!!!)

California produces more lemons than all of Europe and we very rarely see them !!!!

There are over 50 + varieties of lemons all hold different characteristics

Legend holds stories of a young betting chap called Eureka Piff. Crafty Eureka used to love an opportunity to make some nuts(??) and often found himself in situations completely out of his control as his shifty pals used to fleece him of all his wealth.

One misty morning intrigued Eureka decided enough was enough and came up with a cunning plan to win his fortunes back. Laid on his neighbour's branch he dreamed up radical ways of fleecing his friends of their craftily won fortunes. Jumping competitions, charades, even line dance off's came to mind but all of a sudden heavy rains started to batter a now soggy Eureka.

Whilst quickly escaping the rains he picked the last of the lemons and lonesome limes from his neighbour's trees and filled his coat to the max. On his venture home, weighed down Eureka slipped and landed in a flooded pond !! (where is this going??)

After shaking off the wet, much to his surprise his eyes caught sight of the stolen lemons floating on the surface but the crafty limes were nowhere to be seen.

Soaking Eureka dived to the bottom of the pond to retrieve his limes and went quickly on his way. The the next day soon came about and he used the fruit to win his nut load back as his friends placed bets on if they thought a lemon or a lime would float – what would you put your cash on ???

How radical is all of that ??


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