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Is This For Real ???

Last week's most radical Salt offer gave Golden Del Boy an adrenalin rush like never before so much so he has hasn't check his lids all week.

This week he has once again been digging around and pulled another amazing offer from under his northern flat cap.

Come On Golden Del What You Got ???

Now, this could be one of the craziest offers so far!!!

Over the year we have seen some awesome giveaways but this is possibly the most random that trusty Del Boy has found.

Don't glide past as this could change your life - So then what can possibly be so exciting around Jack Fruit.

This most random of fruits is known across the globe as being a fantastic meat alternative it hosts countless uses and if you havent already investigated then you must do so.

Its ability to soak up flavour is miraculous compared to things like Tofu and other vegan options - chilli, sugar, fire, salt, mushroom, herb, spice the list of flavour enhancers may blow your mind as its a carrier for most things.

Once cooked the texture is radical and can be used like pulled pork if sweetened could add some outstanding edges to your dessert section anyone going to try coating in batter and creating a sweet treat sweetly spiced garnish (you can have that)

Whatever creative thoughts are going through your cells at the moment gather them up and place your golden del boy order below....

Jack Fruit Fries Anyone ???

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