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Inspirational Strawberry Madness !!!

There is no beating that flavour rush of when your teeth sink deep into the flesh of a trusty freshly plucked strawberry.

Although now readily available every day of the year how deep does your strawberry knowledge so its time to re-educate our minds to this most awesome berry – Hang on its not even a berry ??? (this is so exciting I need a kit-kat)

Everyone classes a trusty strawberry as a berry this is totally false as they, in fact, an accessory fruit with a botanical name of “Fragaria ananassa.”

What’s an accessory fruit we hear you scream? To explain it more clearly it is a false fruit, the fleshy part you are eating is actually the stem of the plant (oh My Word!!)

Strawberry is a member of the rose family and it is the only fruit on the planet which has 200 seeds outside. Anyone up for counting them ??

Are strawberries-only red? Think again! There are yellow, blue, white, black, purple strawberries and some American varieties can be the size of granny smith apple !!!!

Romans craved strawberries and not just for their sweet taste. They believed that it could cure melancholy, fever, bad breath, chronic fainting, and even stop you from breaking wind.

Legends hold stories of a young gun Tristin Frais who spotted and instantly fell madly head over heels for a young tribal girl who he found lurking around the woods in deepest southern America.

Crafty Tristin ventured forward to follow his heart plucking up courage, on his sneaky walk towards he saw a double growth strawberry and snipped it from the trailing vine, he bit one side and instantly the tribal girl turned her head.

There stood Tristin melting inside with a mouth full of strawberry, the girl instantly took the other half of strawberry and ate it in a oner!! The magic notes from the fruit spontaneously made them fall in love and they lived a fruitful life in the jungle together.

If you ever find a double fruited strawberry share it with your strawberry crush to fall in love forever!!!

How radical is all of that ??

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