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It's A Tad Windy...

The weather has certainly taken a turn over the last ten days and it feels like we are back to a typical March climate WINDY.

It's not all bad news though as the early new season asparagus is here and ready to excite - This isn't from Richard Morrit (Sand Hutton) but a new grower we have been engaging with.

Offering an early crop is exciting stuffing and we can now all embrace northern asparagus rather than having to bring green sticks from miles away until Richard is ready mid-May.

This new grower has used an innovative method to activate the spears early how exciting is this - DONT PANIC though as soon as Richard Morrit is ready we will be embracing his most amazing crop.

Embrace The Spears...
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So Then What’s Totally Awesome This Week ??

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    Tokyo Turnips
  • Shutterstock 292694849
    Jersey Royals
  • Shutterstock 11262855471
    Monks Beard
  • Shutterstock 1085395769
    Padron Peppers
  • Shutterstock 1010299369
    Wild Garlic
  • Shutterstock 80378095
    Grelot Onions
  • Shutterstock 4857010061
    Miatake Mushroom
  • Shutterstock 12930149082
    New Season Romanesco
  • Shutterstock 10657969221
    Medjool Dates
  • Shutterstock 103527248
    New Season Northern Asparagus
  • Shutterstock 1017744916
    Cima De Rapa
  • Shutterstock 710898676
    Wild Asparagus - **Pre Order**

What's All This About ??

With the mushroom world hotting up we are seeing some amazing mushrooms at the moment and we need to share some mushroom vibes

Come back weekly to find out whats the best for the week ahead...

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    Millers Oven Bottom Muffins
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    Baking Camembert
  • Truffles
    Assorted Truffles
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    Olde York Cheese
  • Pancetta Blocks 2
    Smoked Pancetta - Block
  • Saus
    No1 - Beef Gravy - Essential Cuisine

Arome Time

If you are hunting to add that perfect flavour hit then these aromes will work some magic.

One or two drops will add a most perfect flavour touch that will excite.

If you haven't tried them before give them a little try

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