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Time is challenging for many, so if you are in a rush but want to keep refreshed you have navigated to the right place as our fast reader page is designed for you.

Simply swipe away and let your eyes slide down the refresh in one page, once you have more time come back for a deeper look around to find out all the juicy info.

Speed reading is a skill that most of us host but how many can speed skate ?? (this is getting random) Cast your eyes below and feel your cells ignite as your eyes capture glimpses of all things nice

Speedy Gonzales....
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Get Ready 1, 2, 3 Go, Go, GO!!!!

What’s AMAZING This Week???

Save Your GP Trust The Fairy

Do You Really Want To Miss It ???

Dont Miss Out On Some Inspirational Facts.

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Come On You Know You Want To

Click Me!!!

Someone Say Free ???

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Save £££££

Save, Save, save

We Are Feeling WILD...

Don’t Get Caught Out

Chip Pan ???

This week in our hunt for inspirational YouTube videos this crazy clip was recommended by a warrior from an undisclosed location.

One thing to always remember is to order veg oil but also turn off those Fryers !!!!

Make sure you give this a watch these Northerners are on fire

Check it out!!!!!

Instagram King Of The Week **Thirteen @ Leyburn**

As you can imagine our social channels are constantly being buzzed with your most creative posts and we thrive on your interaction. This week during the early hours our social alert system started buzzing with excitement as a true Delifresh warrior became active tagging Delifresh in on his social journey. Michael Mcbride who operates with great success Thirteen at Leyburn is a truly passionate chef. Just a quick glance at Michaels inspirational menu showcases the season in many ways, trues to his roots Michaels food is creative, seasonal and totally tasty. If you are ever out and about in the Dales stop buy for dinner and enjoy Micheals showcase of the season. Michael you are a true inspiration, you love mother nature and all she brings so for these reasons you have been crowned our Instagram King f The week – get in touch to claim your free Delifresh chef's jacket

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