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Inspirational Kiwi Madness !!!

We are pretty confident we have all seen them. We are even more convinced that most will have all eaten them.

Did you know the fuzzy brown skin is edible? Gliders…..Read on...

The trusty kiwi fruit was first found hanging around in China where they know it as "Qíyì guǒ"

During the early 20th century, missionaries brought fruit to the island of New Zealand, where it got crowned "kiwi" after the tiny flightless bird.

Modern-day kiwi is volume grown in New Zealand, but also southern Europe, Asia, South America and the United States.

Kiwi has many names - love fruit, furry fruit, Chinese berry also lush-stem fruit.

How does it grow - Any idea???

The trusty kiwifruit grows on a vine and is in fact a berry which is full of goodness and also packed with antioxidants.

Legend holds stories of a young Chinese lad called Yang Tao - Young Yang was happily foraging around in his Chinese forest, collecting the humble fruit he discovered in large clay pots.

Yang Tao so overwhelmed by his fruity furry eggs wanted to collect as many as possible so he could feed his fellow forest dwellers as they built strength to conquer faraway lands.

His plan was working splendidly until one day, while rummaging around his trees, he met a beautiful young missionary named Zespri.

Cheeky Zespri was searching out sweet delicacies to take back to her native New Zealand to sustain the families of her people.

Now Yang Tao was a man with a plan, and he knew an opportunity when it appeared in front him, but when he saw the radiant Zespri, his plan became stagnant as his head went right over his heels and instant love was gifted from the kiwi gods.

Zespri didn't fall for Yang Tao charm but did manage to pocket several furry eggs and quickly legged it back to New Zealand without a trace.

Landing back Zespri spread the kiwifruits across her people who gorged on their loveliness - very soon the undigested seeds ran the course and sprouted those rooted vines flowering and gifting the new lands furry eggs for all.

The next time you eat a Kiwi have a look at the label – you will see the radiant Zespri’s name all over it. Now that’s a fact!!!

How radical is all of that ??

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